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Should Liam Hemsworth worry about losing Miley Cyrus?

May 22nd, 2013 at 1:06 am by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Jonesing for your fix of teen scene celebrity gossip? Here’s the latest news about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth — the Disney princess from down South and her boy toy fiancé from down under. According to Fashion and Style online gossip magazine latest report about her shared on May 21, 2013, she’s been back in the press lately flaunting her engagement ring.

Should Liam Hemsworth worry about losing Miley Cyrus? If you have been following the tabloid news about these two young celebs, you might be a bit confused. Are they dating? Are they engaged? Did they run off and get married by an Elvis impersonator at a drive through wedding chapel in Las Vegas yet? The answer to those questions is we have no clue… except those breadcrumbs of evidence the saucy teen idol leaves on the net that suggest Liam Hemsworth might be worried about losing Miley Cyrus but he has not lost her — yet.

In a recent Twitter photo, the pet-friendly green celebrity flashed her Neil Lane bauble  once again — a telling little fashion accessory detail promptly picked up and discussed by Perez Hilton. But he was not in the latest pic of Miley and her bling. Apparently he was off fighting off flocks of women throwing themselves at him at the Cannes Film Festival while he was there promoting the “Hunger Games.”

But what was the most striking thing about the photo shared was that not only had Miley punked herself out in style, her beau Liam Hemsworth seems to be doing the same thing. According to her celebrity quotes shared on Radar Online, Miley decided to get all wild and crazy with her celebrity look to make herself stand out from the crowd a bit more than she already had.

She shared in a celebrity interview, “I’m going to change, I’m going to be different, I’m going to do what I want to do. I chopped my hair and bought a pair of Docs and never looked back.”

Indeed, she hasn’t. Miley is looking more grown up and confident these days even if she does seem to look like the step-child of Annie Lennox and Pink. One has to wonder if she did not do that just to keep his attention.

The fact that Miley, a star celeb who supports dozens of charities and who put on a special concert with the Jonas Brothers for City of Hope in L.A. in 2008, and Liam are still together might come as a bit of a surprise, considering all the stars and starlets that have suffered under the spotlight.

She told Radar Online that she’s been spending a lot of time on her latest album, so she doesn’t get as much time as she’d like to spend at home with Liam, but she says that’s not causing a problem with her relationship. Miley also supports dozens of charities including, Musicians on CallAmnesty InternationalHabitat for HumanityKids Wish Network, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Red Cross, the Tony Hawk Foundation, and many more, also keeping her away from him.

And, things might get complicated now that she’s been voted number one on Maxim’s Hot 100 list. The news shocked even her, according to Hollywood Life. Miley said, “My first reaction was to go straight to Twitter but I had to keep my paws off my phone. I think I announced it four days earlier by accident, but it was all because I was so excited. I had to keep my thumbs from pressing send.”

It’s a good thing for Liam, too — because rather than gloating and soaking up the limelight in a way that might make her look more like a single celeb than an engaged woman she posted a cute pic of the two of them. If nothing else, that should help inspire his confidence in their relationship even if men all around the world are starting to gawk at her.

To that end, while he should worry about treating her well so he can keep her, it does not look like Liam Hemsworth should worry about losing Miley Cyrus. At least, as we said earlier, not yet. On the other hand, if the rumors are true that every minute he is away from her side that flocks of willing women are throwing themselves at his feet just hoping for a chance to mess up the relationship with his future bride then it is quite likely that she herself ought to be a bit worried.

After all, even if she is the hottest celeb according to Maxim magazine right now, the guys who want to hook up with her probably don’t want to date her. The women who want to hook up with Liam are more likely to be interested in breaking up their relationship and keeping him as a trophy boy long-term.

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Should Liam Hemsworth worry about losing Miley Cyrus?


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