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Celebrity Couples: Why is Beyonce Knowles in love with rapper Jay-Z?

May 21st, 2013 at 11:20 pm by Edith Allen Leave a reply »

Poor Beyonce Knowles. The pop music singer is battling pregnancy rumors again — this time suggesting that she is pregnant for the second time by her loving husband Jay-Z. The two charitable star celebs have been just exhausted lately according to inside sources and they have been struggling to find time to connect while she has been touring. The celebrity couple were spotted arriving together in the South of France on May 21, 2013, where the pair is said to be taking a break from her world tour. With all she does personally and professionally (singing, dancing, modeling, appearing in movies, doing celebrity interviews, and the like), some may wonder how he keeps her attention, really.

Celebrity Couples: Why is Beyonce Knowles in love with rapper Jay Z? The answer to the question, “Why is Beyonce Knowles in love with rapper Jay-Z?” is an easy one to answer, really. Don’t think that just because he is not as physically flawless as she that he is any less dynamic than his beautiful wife Beyonce herself. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter started as a rap star and is now a multi-faceted business and entertainment mogul. He’s also an incredibly well-known philanthropist — something likely to have made both he and his wife gravitate toward one another romantically.

Granted, the celebrity couple have faced their share of controversy. Last August, Harry Belafonte started a firestorm of articles like the one in the UK Daily Mail.   Belafonte bitterly accused Jay Z and his wife Beyonce of not helping Black artists get ahead in Hollywood.  Jay Z and Beyonce were quickly exonerated when the truth of their charitable work was revealed.

Jay Z is the founder for the Water For Life project in cooperation with the United Nations and UNICEF. This organization is dedicated to increasing access to clean water and proper sanitation in countries where there are no adequate facilities. He produced a video diary of his experiences as he explored the water situation in Africa with the UN. The video  was produced by the UN Works Program and MTV Networks.

His work encourages organic, eco-friendly and tasty treats for hungry diners. He and his wife support  Buffalo Boss in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Buffalo Boss sells 100% organic chicken wings. Jay Z and Beyonce also own a New York restaurant, the Spotted Pig, which composts weekly, recycles and grows all the food locally.

In January, Huffington Post  recognized Jay Z as “One of ten celebrities doing interesting things to change the world.” He has supported many efforts to make life better for people who may not otherwise have a chance.

He is an ardent and long time supporter of the  Shawn Carter Foundation which gives chances to children who are largely ignored by traditional scholarship programs. Some have been in jail or are teenaged parents. Most of the foundation’s scholarship applicants come from homes with annual household incomes of less than $40,000.

Jay Z was born on December 4, 1969 as the youngest of four children. He was brought up by his mother, Gloria Carter, in a drug-infested Brooklyn housing projects. He went to high school with Notorious B.I.G. and entered  a mixed life of good grades and rough experiences. He is married to entertainment superstar, Beyonce and has one child, Ivy Blue. According to Radar Online,  he has a son with Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott.

Jay-Z is also quite capable of working his “bad boy” mojo to the sexy extreme.

His early rap pieces were his way to escape the drugs, violence and poverty of his world. He moved from creating number one hits to producing and remaking the business model for a successful Rap entrepreneur. He started Def Jam Recordings and Live Nation management agency. Now he is a major player and investor in the Barclays Center, the Brooklyn Nets basketball team and has ascended to the throne of rap and entertainment royalty.

To that end, Beyonce Knowles seems to be a lucky girl — having married far more than a rapper. Jay-Z really is a charitable celebrity.

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Celebrity Couples: Why is Beyonce Knowles in love with rapper Jay Z?


Edith Allen is a military veteran and freelance news writer. Environmentally friendly and left-leaning, she covers breaking news about celebrities going green, humanitarian causes, stars who lobby for animal rights, and environmental issues.

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