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Kate and William penguins revive Middleton twins royal baby debate

May 13th, 2013 at 11:17 pm by Edith Allen Leave a reply »

They are not exactly pets, per say, but they are celebrities — and royalty. Two London Aquarium penguins have been stealing the limelight from their royal namesakes.  Kate and William are Gentoo penguins who are expecting their own little ones in July. The first-time parents are carefully incubating two eggs that are expected to hatch a bit ahead of the Duchess’s delivery date. The news hit the media on May 13 to the delight of everyone who loves animals, wildlife, and the Royal Family’s historical contributions to pop culture to date. The big question now — aside from whether or not the real Kate Middleton is having twins — is whether or not the penguin family will have more than one royal baby — or babies. It seems the happy couple hatched two eggs!

Kate and William penguins revive Middleton twins royal baby debate Four-year-old William and six-year-old Kate produced their first fertilized egg last week. A second egg arrived three days later.  Even their courtship ritual rivaled the royal wedding when William began collecting pebbles to build a nest.  He declared his interest in Kate when he presented the stones as “love tokens.”  Kate accepted and the partnership was sealed.

According to the Mail Online, the courtship business also rivaled the most delicious royal scandals, but in an adorable way.  The group of ten Gentoo penguins lives in a specially designed Antarctic  environment at the London Aquarium.

Their enclosure’s  pebbles became so valuable that some penguins resorted to thievery for their courting and to protect their nests. The staff added extra pebbles to the enclosure after they caught a nefarious pebble-burglar named Vladimir.

Aquarium specialist Lucy Buckley will attend William and Kate.  She assured zoo fans that the staff would be watching both penguins with care during the 35-40-day incubation period.

The Duke and Duchess showed their love for penguins shortly after the royal wedding in 2011. They adopted a baby penguin named Acorn, according to the UK Telegraph. Acorn is one of 49 Humbolt penguins at the Chester Zoo.

As for Kate and William’s own story — the real one — you know… about the human royal couple — the palace has not confirmed in any way yet that the rumors are true that Kate might be eating right now for more than two.

The tabloids are all speculating that she might be having twins because her morning sickness was so extreme — but so far there is no real word from her, her handsome husband, or the royal family that twins might be coming. To that end, the bigger news might be about whether family friends should be sending them baby gifts appropriate for a boy or a girl.

We here at GCN wish both the celebrity couples well. 



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Kate and William penguins revive Middleton twins royal baby debate


Edith Allen is a military veteran and freelance news writer. Environmentally friendly and left-leaning, she covers breaking news about celebrities going green, humanitarian causes, stars who lobby for animal rights, and environmental issues.

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