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Celebrity Couples: Is Justin Bieber still dating Selena Gomez?

May 13th, 2013 at 8:09 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Is Justin Bieber still dating Selena Gomez? Apparently not if you belieber her. It’s hard to know whether Justin Bieber fans will be disappointed or elated to know that he and Selena Gomez are definitely not getting back together. Belieb it or not, it looks like Selena Gomez and the Biebs are still single. The former Disney princess told a Boston radio DJ on Sunday, May 12, that the pair are caput.Celebrity Couples: Is Justin Bieber still dating Selena Gomez?

When asked by the Boston DJ yesterday if she was, “completely available in every way?” Gomez, the youngest ever U.S. Ambassador to UNICEF in 2009, came back with a simple “Yep,” said a wistful Perez Hilton. This sad confirmation for their celebrity split came in spite of rumors in April that they might have been getting back together after looking quite “snuggly” together in a picture the Biebs posted and quickly deleted, on quickly captured and reprinted by the entertainment news website TMZ.

Rumors had begun to spread that the star celeb couple might be getting back together after their split around New Year’s Eve as reported in the Huffington Post.

Sources admitted that the two have been breaking up and getting back together for as long as they’ve been a couple, and a source suggested back around New Year’s that it may not be fair to say the relationship between the two is a complete wash. But when pressed in the radio interview, Selena pretty much squashed any hope of the green celebrity couple rekindling their relationship.

She told the DJ interviewing her that she thought it would be awesome if someone asked if she wanted ice cream, according to the New York Post. Pretty conclusively, it sounds like she’s moved on — most likely to the chagrin of Justin Bieber and fans of the famous teen scene celebs everywhere.It’s a little disappointing that the two green celebrities weren’t able to stick it out as a celebrity couple, we think.

Between Selena’s UNICEF work and her appointment as Ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation around this time last year, we thought she was a great catch for him to date. Justin Bieber’s work with his water charity for his 17th birthday made him a teen celebrity catch for her as well, so their break-up comes as a blow to the world of charity.

Still, both continue to do charity work solo now that the are no longer a Hollywood couple. The Biebs recently put his underwear up for auction to benefit star celeb Ellen DeGeneres’ Give2Live charity in Canada, as mentioned earlier, and Gomez recently performed at the third annual Acoustic Charity Concert for UNICEF.

We have no doubts that these two will continue to be green celebs even if they can’t be together. Both of them are super pet friendly, support a variety of humanitarian charities, and have even given indications that they are aware of environmental issues. To that end, we wish them both well and will continue to follow their careers apart or together.

Bottom line, even though the Biebs has been acting a bit like a horses arse lately with all his gangsta rap shenanigans, both of these two people are really likable kids.


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Celebrity Couples: Is Justin Bieber still dating Selena Gomez?


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