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Humanitarian Sofia Vergara brawling in bars like Lindsay Lohan?

January 4th, 2013 at 4:56 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Emmy winner Sofia Vergara stars on the hit series “Modern Family” but a new celeb gossip report about the charismatic star reads more like she has become a member of the Lohan Family. Allegedly, while trying to break up a fight at a nightclub on New Year’s Eve the star took a tumble — and had a celeb OOPS moment to boot when her glamorous holiday wardrobe malfunctioned. Just like the Latina celebrity to do such a charitable thing to impress everybody who was fortunate enough to be in the crowd watching the brawl at the club that evening!

Humanitarian Sofia Vergara brawling in bars like Lindsay Lohan? Vergara (as a famous humanitarian) has used her star power wisely over the years. She’s supported charity benefit causes like Entertainment Industry Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer, and THORN. She even donated all her 40th birthday gifts to Crowdfunded. To that end, hearing she was willing to risk life, evening gown, and limb to de-escalate a human crisis is not surprising in the least. [That sort of risk taking to protect the well-being of others seems to be part of her character.]

Regarding the accidental flashing incident, NY Daily News reported, “The stunning 40-year-old actress tried to break up the fight at Story nightclub in Miami, but got knocked to the floor as one of her [tatas] popped out of a strapless dress. She had been partying with fiance Nick Loeb, who was furious.”

How furious? “Loeb was reportedly so furious at the man who knocked into Vergara that security forced him to leave the VIP section. Loeb even sustained a few bruises from the incident, according to reports…” claimed the media outlet.

Lindsay Lohan — who Perez Hilton claims has 99,000 problems — was recently arrested in New York City while she partied in a swank nightclub. She claimed she punched a women in the face after a verbal altercation with her. Lilo claimed that she was defending her sister and all the people who were in her VIP area after someone in the woman’s party allegedly stole $10K in cash from her sister’s purse.

But unlike Lohan, Vergara seldom gets involved in celebrity scandals. That’s probably why by Jan. 4, photos of Sofia Vergara falling down and popping out of her dress were really making the rumor mill report rounds, undoubtedly producing higher than normal web traffic for any website lucky enough to be hosting original pics.

However, not all news reports focused solely on the starlet’s curvaceous figure. There have been rumors going on for a long time now that this Nick Loeb guy she’s engaged to has a bit of an attitude problem.

While “Modern Family” fans are enamored with complimenting her beauty, he seems to be over it. Actually, insiders report he seldom has anything nice to say to or about the actress for wearing form-fitting garments and actually seems to get irritated by the attention she gets when she shows off her body to anyone but him.

But considering all the negative publicity her latest celeb gossip reports have gotten, perhaps it is time for the actress to give her celebrity endorsement to a new charity. Someone really ought to call her and ask her to use her notoriety to help out the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


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Humanitarian Sofia Vergara brawling in bars like Lindsay Lohan?


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