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Celebrity scandals: Miley Cyrus raunchiest Disney princess yet?

December 21st, 2012 at 12:43 am by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

Miley Cyrus news! On Dec., 19, 2012, the New York Daily News ran a special feature article about the Disney princess running wild, acting raunchy, and grabbing an exotic dancer’s nearly bare rear end. Apparently she believed that getting ‘Hannah Montana’ a lap dance would really win her some fantastic publicity as a former teen scene turned twenty-something star celeb.

Celebrity scandals: Miley Cyrus raunchiest Disney princess yet? As a teen scene celebrity who idolizes Britney Spears, Cyrus has routinely pulled some sort of bizarre sexpot antic either on or off stage since she was roughly the age of 13. Savvy using social media, she is well aware when her name starts to sink from the Google News headlines. Whenever it happens, she pulls a new publicity stunt that impresses teenage kids and makes their parents mad and voilà! She’s back in the ranks of being a top name as a celebrity searched for on the Internet.

Her latest stripperesque publicity stunt was probably concocted in part to attract attention from all the older men who like to leer at her. But it is also a public move that lets people know that she is comfortable around both sexes. In Hollywood social circles making that fact well-known right now is actually quite a big deal.

Grabbing another woman’s booty (one who was clearly scantily clad purely for sex appeal) lets the gay and lesbian society know that the young actress and pop music singer really is open-minded sexually. She might be engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth but it is looking like those two are wide open to party celebrity style.

At his birthday party, she managed to get her name in the press by posing in a suggestive picture with a birthday cake shaped like a pen with an “is” assed to the end. Now, with her own celebratory festivities making mainstream news headlines, she is getting lap dances as birthday presents?

Talk about acting risqué…

Couple this odd new behavior with shaving her head, losing an excessive amount of weight, pole dancing on stage at Teen Choice Awards in years past, and pretending her fingers are playing with more than a musical instrument and there’s big trouble in little Nashville. Parents of young children who know and love her because of the Disney channel have real cause to despair.

Miley performed a mid-act move that was an even more graphic gesture than Michael Jackson’s crotch grabbing maneuver. Looking at the celebrity’s lifestyle from the outside in, she appears to be one confused young lady who is making the most of being, as the late, great MJ himself would have said, “Bad.”

Next up, she is likely to pull a Britney Spears move. Remember when Britney Spears kissed Madonna? That seems a little bit tame after seeing Miley’s latest photographs.

After seeing the most recent pictures of Miley Cyrus over on the New York Daily News page, she may very well be considered the raunchiest Disney Princess yet. No dummy when it comes to viral marketing, one thing can be said for sure about Miley Cyrus.

If she is truly faking being a bad girl like she so often claims through Disney to the press that she is a dang good actress.

That sort of plea is awfully hard to believe after watching one or two episodes of her playing Hannah Montana. She certainly was not going to win any significant acting awards for that show even if it was immensely popular.

It’s too bad she’s choosing to get publicity by acting like an animal. If she used her star power more wisely advocating more actively for animal rights, she could make a much better impression on everybody.


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Celebrity scandals: Miley Cyrus raunchiest Disney princess yet?


Kae Davis, host of Green Celebrity Network, is a civic minded adrenaline junkie and pop culture historian. Writing about celebrities going green is her passion. Sharing good news and helping promote small businesses and non-profit organizations by grass roots marketing is her specialty.

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