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Celebrity mom Halle Berry worst co-parent in Hollywood?

November 27th, 2012 at 5:04 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

Is actress Hallie Berry the worst co-parent in Hollywood? If you asked the father of her daughter Nahla Gabriel Aubry what he thinks chances are his answer would be yes. She has done everything in her power to separate the child from her father legally and emotionally since before the celebrity couple split. Now, she is dating a man who has been threatening to kill him and gave him a brutal beating on Thanksgiving. Who will the courts protect – – the actress, the thug, the daddy, or the best interests of the child in question?

Celebrity mom Halle Berry worst co parent in Hollywood?  Gabriel Aubry, a prominent restaurateur, was beaten to a bloody pulp by Halle Berry’s actor boyfriend Oliver Martinez over the 2012 holiday. The French actor is allegedly furious that he and Berry have had to shell out over $3 million dollars in legal fees trying to block Aubry from seeing his child. Their goal? They want to move to France where they can start their new life with Martinez playing pretend bio-daddy to young Nahla, the daughter of the movie star and her ex beau. Claiming having to share custody with the father is causing them undo stress in their relationship, they seem to have begged the courts to let them move away and take the child anywhere they want.

Please. Like moving anywhere ever “fixes” anything… That’s the source of where the real beef between the rival males started. You know — the one that turned into a major brawl at Halle Berry’s house.

Berry and Martinez lost a key court battle against the father when a judge ruled they were not allowed to move the little girl out of the country. Inside sources say the egotistical Hollywood-hyped pair decided that with Aubs out of the picture that he could play daddy while she could keep all the child support money.

Aubry did not just win his motion to block Berry from taking his baby girl so far away from him that he would hardly (if ever) be able to see her. He also won child support to the tune of $10k plus dollars per month — something that really pissed Martinez off.

Knowing that the goal of any adult couple who splits is supposed to be to successfully co-parent any children affected by a split, Berry’s plan to remove Gabriel Aubry from his daughter’s life is the antitheses of healthy co-parenting.

She’s run his name through the mud in the press with alarming regularity. She’s got the thug boyfriend terrifying him and has proven he is absolutely in harms way if and when he comes to pick up or drop off his daughter from visitation. And, of course she’s been blatantly trying to buy her daughter’s affections.

[The celebrity mom was seen showing off her continued custody of Nahla as she danced and played with the child at a "Yo Gabba Gabba" concert the day after she had her boyfriend brutally assault the child's real father the day before. She appeared completely happy -- almost elated -- to be able to mug for the cameras while playing with their daughter that day.]

Since the California court finally saw graphic photos of Gabriel Aubry, they have finally ruled that he is actually the man in need of protection from Oliver Martinez. The problem is, that Nahla still remains in the household with Berry — the woman who has been the driving force behind all the chaos in the child’s life.

What do you think? Should a mother who interferes with visitation constantly while  doing her dead-level best to terrorize a child’s father be held morally culpable or legally liable for her actions? When does a child have their right to love both parents equally and to be able to spend equal time with either be protected? The celebrity split and Berry’s behavior certainly opens up the social issues question about children’s rights open wide.

Since Aubry seems to have taken a beating simply for doing his best to be a part of his child’s life and costing the more famous celebrity couple money, it does not seem right that she’s the one left holding all the legal cards to keep custody. After all, it looks like the only thing he’ll eventually walk away with is a broken heart and a black eye. In the end, though, it is Nahla who is going to suffer for the rest of her life.


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Celebrity mom Halle Berry worst co parent in Hollywood?


Kae Davis, host of Green Celebrity Network, is a civic minded adrenaline junkie and pop culture historian. Writing about celebrities going green is her passion. Sharing good news and helping promote small businesses and non-profit organizations by grass roots marketing is her specialty.

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