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DWTS 2012 All-Stars: Gilles Marini Carrie Ann Inaba’s guilty pleasure?

October 22nd, 2012 at 8:29 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Guilty Pleasures night on Dancing With The Stars 2012 All-Stars aired on Oct. 22, 2012 just before the final presidential debate between Mitt Romney and incumbent leader Barack Obama. The hour-long show was more exciting than any other of the season mainly because judge Carrie Ann Inaba got so excited over watching one celebrity couple dance that she fell right off her seat. Here’s the recap of the first show of the team dance week. Who did the best dance and what were the scores for the star celebs and the first team? Keep reading…

Up first were Kelly and Val, who both struggled training together for the Samba because the star found the steps challenging. Monaco seemed to be breaking down physically and emotionally during training but by the time she hit the dance floor she seemed like she had her act together literally and figuratively. Doing a sexy, gyrating number, they pleased the crowd completely. Although she looked a little nervous like Carrie Ann Inaba pointed out, the whole dance was too raunchy to please Len Goodman and not quite technically perfect enough to satisfy lusty Bruno Tonioli. Ultimately the judges scored the celebrity couple fairly considering the criticism they received. Setting the bar for the evening, they gave them an 8, 8, and 8.5.

DWTS 2012 All Stars: Gilles Marini Carrie Ann Inabas guilty pleasure? Gilles and Peta danced to Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You”. Telling Peta he chose the song because it first came out when he discovered having a good time with the ladies, the audience was blushing before they ever hit the dance floor. Gripping and thrilling like Bruno, pet friendly judge Carrie Ann (a cat lover and animal rights advocate) actually fell all the way off her chair and onto the floor. Now that was some seriously dance hot number with animal magnetism galore! When the sexy French actor and model raced to her rescue to pick her up off the floor, Marini whispered, “I love you, I love you” in her ear and gave her a close hug and gentle kiss on the side of her head where she banged it on the floor. Len was laughing too hard to help, Tom Bergeron cracked jokes, and Bruno threw himself over the desk — a move which won him a kiss from the Frenchman. They earned a 10, 9.5, and 10.

Kirstie and Maks danced the Quick Step to “Mrs. Robinson” during Guilty Pleasures week. Seeming a little timid, she seemed off her timing and a bit tired this week. Knowing she’s likely the next dancer to be voted off, the sadness seemed to consume her all week. Lamenting she was not improving at the pace she would like, Kirstie tried her hardest to improve her carriage. Len told her it was her best dance ever. Bruno complimented her as did Carrie Ann. Dressed all in black, she and Maksim looked pretty but the quality of the dance was simply not putting the actress on the All-Star level she’s going to need to compete. The judges gave them a triple 8.5 score — leaving it up to the general public to decide if the sexy senior will be staying.

Emmit and Cheryl danced the Samba to the “Copa Cabanna” — a song seemingly written to showcase the looks and spirit of the exotic looking dance pro. The football player and his muse nailed the routine. Len loved it. Bruno said they delivered maximum pleasure. Carrie Ann said he had the Samba swagger noting only a few steps at the beginning that were a little bit off timing. They scored a 9.5, 9.5, and a 10.

Melissa and Tony had a big fright when she herniated a disc in her neck during the team dance practice. By the time the live show aired, the dancers all seemed to jive together. Doing a play on the football player — cheerleader routine, they really did a quality routine. Len was so impressed he complimented the choreography as well as the stars ability to learn the team dance and their individual dances in just one week. Carrie Ann and Bruno followed suit and gave the group high praise. They gave the group a 9.5 and two 10s. The live studio audience went crazy.

Apolo and Karina, Shawn and Derek, Sabrina and Louis, and Melissa and Tony are slated to do their individual dance routines on October 23. At that time, Emmitt and Cheryl, Gilles and Peta, and Kelly and Val will dance their team dance after the other stars compete.

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DWTS 2012 All Stars: Gilles Marini Carrie Ann Inabas guilty pleasure?


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