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DWTS 2012 All-Stars: Who got voted off week three (double elimination)?

October 9th, 2012 at 9:29 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

The DWTS episode that aired Oct. 8, 2012 let the stars be the creative directors of the dance. Competing to stay on the show, the results night episode that aired on Oct. 9 was the double elimination round. The problem reporting the Dancing With The Stars news is there were no clear losers except Bristol Palin — who copped an attitude with her dance pro Mark Ballas and really ran him through the ringer.

Results night on Tuesday October 9th during the week three double elimination round of the DWTS 2012 All-Star Season was a shock for Dancing With The Stars fans — but more so for the competitors. The two couples sent home were not who anyone expected. Wondering what happened? Here’s the detailed recap of all the star celebs’ dances, dance scores for week three from Monday night, and all the spoiler alerts about which couple got sent home first and second during the two timing terror.

Monday night, Drew and Anna danced a Cha Cha to “Crazy Love”, Drew wanted to bring sexy into their routine. She was a bit embarrassed by his request for her to unleash her inner stripper but she seemed to go with it. Infusing sex appeal into their disco simulation, she looked gorgeous when he pulled off her teal skirt in a long twisting move. Their dance routine was hip and contemporary. For the first time in the competition they actually looked like they had fun, liked dancing with one another, and got along. Wearing her red hair in curls, she actually looked more fun and less austere. Drew’s open vest revealed he actually has a trim, muscular, and fit figure. His brother Nick Lachey (ex-husband of Jessica Simpson) cheered from the audience. Len said he liked the concept and that overall the dance was terrific. Bruno compared him to Channing Tatum. Carrie Ann said their moves were tight and precise. The celebrity couple earned 8s straight across the board for their fancy footwork and flirty attitudes.

Gilles and Peta were very creative, adding aerials into their dance routine. They redid Erin and Maksim’s tango from season 10. He chose the choreography and the costumes and was striving to earn the first 10 of the season. Using all that sexy French flair he is known for, their dance was mesmerizing. Dancing to “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This” by Annie Lenox, Peta had the envy of all the women watching — but so did the men. He dressed the hot blonde essentially in all black lingerie with a flounce back skirt. Bruno said he thought Gilles performance was erotic. Carrie Ann thought the dramatics were spectacular but they had a few off-balance missteps. Len also noted there were a few points where they were off kilter. They scored 8.5 straight across and a temperamental Gilles seemed a bit discouraged he had flubbed up. He also seemed irritated that another couple had chosen to do one of his past season dances — a Foxtrot.

Melissa and Tony hit the dance floor to do a Samba that had never before been seen. Adding acrobatic tricks was her idea and it looked like her willingness to risk physical harm for the sake of awe-inspiring choreography paid off. Carrie Ann thought it was a stellar performance and so did Len. He compared it to a can of cola: fizzy, refreshing, and satisfying. Bruno complimented her positions and told her she danced like a star. Tony couple not have looked more pleased with the performance abilities of his partner. Whether she wins the Mirror Ball Trophy or not her dance routine proved one thing to all — she has truly become professional quality ballroom dancer. The celebrity judges rewarded their efforts giving them with 9s. They told Brooke Burke the bar was set so high by the all-star cast they had to up the ante. Tony, looking sexy in a pink silk shirt, begged viewers to vote for them and promised to deliver even more of the high quality dance steps people have now had the pleasure of seeing her perform.

Apolo and Karina wanted to show viewers something they have not seen before and his goal was to out-dance Gilles. Dancing the French model’s foxtrot from a past season, Karina started the “Fever” dance posing as a statue. The Olympic athlete looked dashing in a black suit with red tie. Her sheer slacks with sequined tiers made her look sophisticated — that is, until the dance was over and she jumped up and down like a giddy schoolgirl. Len said they had fluidity of movement and great musicality. Bruno said the muse of dance was brought to life. He said the dance was exquisite. Carrie Ann said it was an unforgettable dance and she was very impressed with his creativity and how he was leading. They scored a 9, 8, 8.5 — leaving them trailing behind Gilles but satisfied with their score.

Kelly and Val chose to dance to Maks and Leila’s Paso Doble from a previous season. The “Iconic Dance Week” routine she pulled together was intended to impress the audience and give val a chance to show up his big brother. Dramatic and intense, the couple looked the part of classical dancers and completed all the right moves but with such energy and passion you almost wanted to immediately stop and have them perform the moves again in slow motion. One of the best Paso Dobles ever on the program, the audience went wild. Bruno said it was a defining performance. Carrie Ann was left speechless and told everyone they are the couple to watch. Len simply asked, “Where did that come from?” He thought they had beautiful musicality and had really emerged as a top competitor team. The judges all noted their chemistry was magical. Brooke pointed out how hard Kelly was working on the set of General Hospital (from 6am to 5pm then practicing her dancing in the evening). They let her take a week off to train and this was the result. The 9, 9, 9 scores did not seem high enough for the couple as their dance was spectacular.

Kirstie and Maks shocked everyone when he came out wearing a wig and so much makeup that no one recognized him. Her goal to be fearless so she selected Carson Kressley’s dance to “Moves Like Jagger”. Saying, “This is my dance, this is my week, and Maks is in tight pants” she really pulled together a cute number. Rolling out on the dance floor in a British theme Mini Cooper (car), the Russian pro emerged looking like a true DWTS foreigner. Even the front license plate said “Maks” and there were tiny mirror balls hanging from the rear view mirror. Thought she is not the best dancer on the show, it was probably her best dance yet. At the end of the routine, Maksim kissed her and (pretending to be a groupie) she fainted. Carrie Ann said, “Thank you!” Len loved the choreography. He siad it was the whole package. Bruno said it was the most fun he’d had up till now watching the dances. They earned triple 8s, their personal highest score of the season. Tom joked that Maks could do a hybrid move — something somewhere between “Magic Mike” and “Mrs. Doubtfire” (laughing about the wig and makeup combination).

Sabrina and Louis chose Maks and Mel B’s “Free Your Mind”, a dance that the Spice Girl dedicated to her the week after the Cheetah Girl was eliminated in a shocker results round after earning a perfect score of three 10s on a routine of her own. Taking over creative control, the perky and animated starlet really worked hard to look austere. Sadly her dark purple outfit was not very flattering… and the dance came off a little boring even though well-executed. Louis was his usual supportive self. Len said he loved that it was full of risk and technique. Bruno said it had a touch of Scary Spice. Carrie Ann though the technique and content was all there but that the routine failed to bring an element of surprise (but she got booed by the crowd for coming right out and saying it out loud). Will America vote her off early again? During the interview with Brooke, it came out that Louis was the one who put the kabosh on her creative control. They earned a respectable 8.5, 8.5, 8.5 — but because the glitz and glamor as lacking, the phone in and online votes might not be enough to protect them.

Emmitt and Cheryl elected to use a live donkey in their performance but the animal failed to cooperate at the last-minute. He wanted mood lighting to emulate dusk and the stage set to invoke, “that old peasant feeling”. Dancing the Paso Doble wearing black and gold, they had other performers on stage simulating a Mexican Cantina. He danced so hard he was visibly sweating. By the time they did their final daring move of him running from one side the dance floor to the other than sliding between her legs (coming out the other side) the ballroom audience went wild cheering. Thanks to smart camera angles, the home viewers got to see a great end shot of him looking very much like a straight shot arrow. Intense was the word for the trick the football player did. Bruno said he really tapped into the flavor of the dance, but warned him not to let his shoulders pull up. Carrie Ann called him the human torpedo and welcomed him back to the competition. Len said he comes out and dominates the floor. They earned a mid-pack score of 8.5, 8, 8.5.

Helio and Chelsea elected to do the Quick Step Apolo once did with Julianne Hough in a previous season. Coming out in a pin-striped Zoot suit, the race car driver cut a dashing figure on the dance floor. Chelsea’s black and white ball gown matched. The dance itself was certainly passable — but again, they failed to emerge as clear leaders of the competition. Carrie Ann said it was good but pointed out when he stepped over his partner he got caught in her dress. Len said he deserved to stay in the competition. Bruno noted he lost timing after he tripped on her dress. The wardrobe malfunction will most likely cost the couple not only points but viewer votes. The judges failed to penalize them, though — giving them triple 8.5s.

Bristol and Mark really got low scores for having broken hold so much during their “Redneck Woman” dance in week two. Week three she totally attacked Mark claiming he’d rather dance with Shawn or Sabrina. The pro has been such a gentleman all along it was hard watching her jealous temper tantrum. They pulled together a dance routine but no one expected anything spectacular. Bottom line, she must know intuitively she has no business on the show. Granted, she’s a better dancer than Kate Gosselin was (as a controversial reality TV star), but still… At any rate, when they took to the dance floor on Monday night she seemed ready to throw in the towel. Dancing the Paso Doble dressed as the white queen and the black king on a chess board, their concept was good (based on a dance done by Joanna Kruppa and Derek Hough) but his costume made him look a bit silly and short. When she “killed” him at the end, a blood red lighting splash poured out of him. Len said fighting with her partner might have gotten her in the mood. He noted it was her best dance. Bruno said her lines were better than ever and Carrie Ann agreed. However, he called her the ice queen and Carrie Ann said her facial expressions were one-dimensional. The judges all gave them 7.5s after the famous Republican daughter of Sarah Palin complained that she was never able to score higher than a 6 no matter what she did. Poor baby, guess she got the sympathy vote once again.

Shawn and Derek danced the Quickstep and choreographed a totally entertaining routine. Dressed in black and white, they each entered the ballroom dance floor by doing a gymnastics flip after bouncing on their own mini trampoline. The dance was one Helio did during his winning season. Breaking rules seemed to be in their favor winning the attention of the live studio audience. They added plenty of flips, kicks, and the pro helped the gymnast catch lots of air. At the end of the dance number, they ran up separate stair cases and flung themselves off. Landing on hidden mats, all the audience could see was dust flying in the air. Bruno said it was one of the best dances he had seen in 15 seasons. Carrie Ann said they gave her happy feet. She said it was the best dance ever on Dancing With The Stars. Len said their ability to interpret music into movement was fantastic. Because they broke the rules they got docked on points with apologies from all three of the judges — each who had given them a standing ovation. They got a 9, 8, 9.5.

After all was said and done, no one really knew what the viewers at home were going to do or who would end up in the bottom three. Each star celeb really added flavor to the dance numbers while all preformed to the best of their ability — with the exception of Helio who blamed costuming for his failing. The night of iconic dances left everyone wondering how to truly judge the double elimination round.

Starting the results show, the dance the celebrity judges wanted to see again most was the one done by Shawn and Derek. Couples almost immediately declared safe were Melissa and Tony, Gilles and Peta, along with Emmitt and Cheryl.

Sadly, Kirstie and Maks were the first couple put in jeopardy during the double elimination round. Since they were there as crowd favorites (rather than real competitors) they were likely to be cut from the show early but it was still disappointing. His dance costume was so fun and she danced her heart out so folks who love them were hoping they would have more viewer support.

Shawn and Derek, Kelly and Val, Apolo and Karina and Tony and Melissa were the next couples declared safe. Falling into jeopardy were Drew and Anna – which was only a surprise because he is a former mirror ball trophy winner. As dance partners, they simply never got it together until the dance last night but by that point most of America had already picked other favorites.

Drew was the first dancer definitely eliminated during the double elimination round. The cast looked nonchalant about his dismissal but again it was no wonder. When it came to drawing viewer support the boy band member had limited appeal. The Russian dance pro is pretty but she comes across to viewers as a little too much of a cold fish to draw viewer votes on her own as well.

DWTS 2012 All Stars: Who got voted off week three (double elimination)? Sabrina and Louis, Bristol and Mark, and Helio and Chelsea were the next couples to face the tick tock countdown clock. Viewers were left in suspense while being forced to endure what ended up seeming like endless commercials before the results show was revealed. People all over the country were disgusted to find out that the Palin girl was safe and that the other two pairs were the bottom two couples.

In a truly sad turn of events, the reality television star who can’t dance and has a huge attitude problem managed to stay while race car driver Helio and Chelsea were the second celebrity couple voted off.

Helio Castroneves, people? Really? Voted off in week three by the American public? It’s amazing that folks would rather see Mark help Bristol than to actually see a mirror ball trophy winner dance on the show.


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DWTS 2012 All Stars: Who got voted off week three (double elimination)?


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