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American Idol contestant Colton Dixon turns Christian rock star

September 30th, 2012 at 3:08 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »
American Idol fans got to know and love a young singer and musician named Colton Dixon during the 2012 season. He was adorable, well-dressed, the talented piano player, that actually a very appealing singer. But his good looks and perky demeanor were not enough to keep him on the program. Home viewers who voted Dixon off the show felt that winner Philip Phillips was able to reach out and connect with a broader fan base and would have greater success as a pop music singer. Why? Chances are, because Dixon could not stop talking about his love of God and Jesus. Now that he’s off the show. He’s making a smart career move to posture himself as a Christian rocker. What’s his latest PR move? To release a new single about his faith in Christ helping him through the reality TV show experience….
“American Idol” contestant Colton Dixon, the innovative pop music performer who was cast off last season’s series in an unexpected vote shocker has never been bashful about his faith. Praising Jesus seems to be his thing, and now that he’s moving forward to establish himself in a solo career he’s making sure to reach out to his Christian rock fan base. The singer published a link to his latest single on his official Facebook account Sunday, Sept. 30. As predicted, Dixon used his notoriety as an Idol contestant to make a missionary type statement sharing news of other Christians about his faith.
American Idol contestant Colton Dixon turns Christian rock star “This [new] song sums up my American Idol experience. There were times when I felt like I was by myself, or just felt unplugged from reality. There were even times when I asked God if He was still there…. He always answered with, “I never left you.” I hope that you can be encouraged by this song as I am. You are not alone. God is with you. His answer is and will always be, “I never left you.” He can see us even when we can’t see Him through our own lack of faith through the hard times. We just need to realize that God is standing with arms open right where we left Him. He never left.”
Earlier in September, the rocker signed his first major record deal. “Idol finalist Colton Dixon signs major record deal” proclaimed the headlines on celebrity gossip websites. But it was news from the Christian Broadcast Network claiming “‘Idol’s’ Dixon Releases First Single ‘Never Gone’” has been released that is getting the aspiring star the most attention and airplay.
What do you think, readers? Will Colton Dixon be more successful promoting himself and his career by appealing to the Christian right or should he have tried to present himself as a more mainstream pop-culture figure during his appearances on the reality television competition while he still had the chance to win it?
As Dixon makes the move to become a Christian rocker whose songs are still likely to climb the contemporary pop charts, his marketing plan is actually innovative. While he may have lost the contest to become the next American Idol, if winner Philip Phillips is unable to keep generating his blues inspired classic rock sounding hits his popularity may wane while Dixon’s rises.
Could Colton’s story be one of resurrection after a career low of being nixed off Idol by the American public? Listen for his music on Christian radio stations and follow his progress as his songs climb the pop music charts in the months and years to come to find out the answer to this question.
In the meantime, you can follow news about his career on the Colton Dixon (Official Website) for fans of American Idol.

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American Idol contestant Colton Dixon turns Christian rock star


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