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Jersey Shore reality TV star Snooki proud mom of bouncing baby meatball

August 26th, 2012 at 6:11 am by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Lord have mercy, is the rumor true? Did Jersey Shore reality television star Snooki have her baby yet? According to TMZ and all the other entertainment news magazines, the answer to that true-or-false question is emphatically YES. The celebrity gossip news sources have all reported that the new celebrity mom went into labor on August 25th and gave birth to her son possibly sometime near last call during the wee morning hours of August 26th — but nothing has been verified yet about the exact time of birth so it’s not officially official. There’s no word yet on whether or not the child is healthy or wise, but he can safely expect to be wealthy. After all, she stands to make a small fortune for his trust fund by selling his pics. Now, to figure out the boy’s name. Keep reading…

Jersey Shore reality TV star Snooki proud mom of bouncing baby meatball If TMZ reports something, that makes Hollywood rumors and innuendo official, right? Let’s hope so because one more day of reading about Snooki pregnant might be enough to make any sophisticated or discerning entertainment news writer hurl. But preggers she is and if the celebrity gossip source is correct fans of the show can soon say, “Was.” That’s right, folks. Nicole Polizzi allegedly went into labor on August 25th some time during the late day hours. According to their sources, she’s checked into a New Jersey hospital and is planning to deliver her little meatball right there near the place she’s so famous for visiting every bar in town.

TMZ writes, “Get ready for gym, tan, LABOR!!!!! Sources close to Snooki tell TMZ the reality star has gone into labor. We’re told she is at a hospital in New Jersey now and is expected to deliver her little meatball to the world some time in the near future. “The “Jersey Shore” star announced her pregnancy back in March and also announced that she is engaged to the baby daddy, Jionni LaVelle.”

Fox News, MTV, and E! Online have all since reported that Snooki is the proud new mom of a baby boy. Snooki and Jionni have both told the general public that her first child was expected to be a son and that his name will be Lorenzo. However, there are new reports surfacing that she gave birth to him so fast that they decided to name the baby Enzo — possibly as a tribute to famous automotive designer Enzo Ferrari (a real-deal, full blooded Italian).

E! writes, “No word yet on whether Snook’s costar JWoww is really on hand to film the blessed birth of her little meatball… but we’re sure E! News will happy to show some clips when they’re available.”

Yee-haw. Since we’ve all had the pleasure of seeing Snooki with her pants down numerous times while she’s engaged in mating rituals during drunken bar crawls, let’s hope the MTV film crew does not elect to film a guided tour of her birth canal.

Please, Snooki — just sell his baby pics.

In her defense, though… this Jionni seems to be very happy to be with her and thus far it appears as if he is the father. There was some question about her alleged affair with Jersey Shore co-star and former Dancing With The Stars competitor Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

What’s more, she seems to have stopped drinking and cleaned up her act considerably while pregnant. While we agree for the most part with the portrayal of her on the Mad Magazine cover (see photo), she does deserve some credit. With so many teen moms looking up to her, at least her public actions indicate she laid off the sauce while her meaty bambino was in vitro.

Snooki has donated time and money to charity, too… although she is not famous for her charitable actions. Sadly, one of her most recent public appearances was to cut the ribbon at a new casino sandwich shop that named one of their specialty sandwiches after her.

Surprise, surprise — one of the main ingredients was pickles (hold the ice-cream, add mozzarella).

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Jersey Shore reality TV star Snooki proud mom of bouncing baby meatball


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