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Was Robert Pattinson to blame for Kristen Stewart cheating with Rupert Sanders?

July 31st, 2012 at 8:23 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Oh dear! The rumors are true that Twilight actress Kristen Stewart has admitted to cheating on boyfriend Robert Pattinson (Harry Potter, Twilight, Like Water For Elephants) with Rupert Sanders — an older married guy. But was her co-star beau actually the one who was more guilty of having a wandering eye? According to one source who appears to be writing authoritatively and from an insiders point of view, it was RPatz fault that KStew ran to the arms of another guy. Why? Because they allege he is a serial cheater, one guilty of sleeping with a dirty laundry list of hot female celebrities. Has Hollywood life ruined yet another celebrity couple because their lifestyles are simply too wild to be romantically mild?

Was Robert Pattinson to blame for Kristen Stewart cheating with Rupert Sanders?  Did actor Robert Pattinson cheat on actress Kristen Stewart long before her celebrity cheating scandal with Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders? One Hollywood insider swears on their life the answer is yes… and due to the angst he caused her, Sander’s wife Liberty Ross and the couples two young children are now paying the price. While news continues to break that this pet friendly green celebrity couple are fighting over their adopted puppy, there are rumors flying that while she might have been being a tad bit bitchy and cheated, it was actually done in retaliation because he is [rumored to be] a dog.

“He’s been cheating since the start. He hooked up with Megan Fox AFTER the Twilight premiere in Tokyo when he first got together with Kristen…” says a source who reported the strange news to Hollywood Life. According to them, Pattinson, “was sleeping with Nikki Reed at the start of New Moon filming and Ashley Greene all throughout.”

But they are not the only actresses the Twilight movie vampire has been accused of hooking up with since he became rich and famous. The inside source (who, by the way provided no credentials or verification for the rumors but wrote succinctly) also alleges:

  1. He hooked up with that Erika Dutra chick in Cannes that year and Camilla Belle in NYC when she went to visit him there during Remember Me filming.
  2. There were rumors of him and Emilie de Ravin having and on-set fling that same summer during filming.
  3. He was cheating with Ashley Greene again during Eclipse filming that fall while Kristen was on set.
  4. There were the rumors of him leaving Leighton Meester’s apartment in NYC early the next year.
  5. He cheated with some burlesque dancer Caroline Jones during Bel Ami filming in London causing him to be late for Eclipse reshoots and also his co-star Natalia Tena who he’d already had a history with before too.

Now, whether or not the claims are true are dubious… but it certainly brings up some interesting questions to ponder. Like, for instance, could one of Kristen Stewart’s angry PR people actually posted the hot female celebrity names list?

If there is a leak in KStew‘s press camp, they might be trying to start the process of laying blame for her betraying him onto the handsome young movie star. Since fans have started turning on her left and right — with die hard fans defending her honor and denying she had an affair with Rupert Sanders [a married guy] despite the fact she personally admitted it and issued an apology — it is not inconceivable that sharing a dirty laundry list of women he’s allegedly bagged might help the actress deflect some of the bad press and garner some sympathy if fans can be convinced she was the one wronged and in the right.

So, with that all said, what do you think, readers? Do you believe the story that Robert Pattinson is directly to blame for young and impressionable Kristen Stewart having an affair with a married guy? Or was she solely responsible for her actions? Should he dump her or should she have broken up with him? Do you think that the Twilight stars are permanently headed for splitsville or should they give their love affair one more try? Sound off in the Facebook comments section below.

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Was Robert Pattinson to blame for Kristen Stewart cheating with Rupert Sanders?


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