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Pet-friendly celebrity Miranda Lambert’s life is going to the dogs

June 19th, 2012 at 11:30 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

Who is Miranda Lambert and why is she famous? The former contestant on the reality television singing competition “Nashville Star” is married to country music singer Blake Shelton. While he’s having fun playing celebrity judge on his cushy gig on the hit show “The Voice”, she’s been busy performing, writing songs, singing her heart out, supporting charities, and yes — adopting dogs. How many? Lots says one British tabloid. So many that one would expect that her dog pack could potentially have the run of the celebrity couples luxury ranch house.

Pet friendly celebrity Miranda Lamberts life is going to the dogs Miranda Lambert’s life has gone to the dogs. Even though her guitar and autographs are about to go on sale at auction to benefit charity, being rich and famous does not mean you and your romantic partner life is easy or work free. For instance, the pet friendly celebrity who is married to country music singer Blake Shelton shared the following funny tweet. Lambert wrote, “I just gave 4 dogs and myself a bath. That’s a lot of “Bitches” to bathe!” on her official Twitter page. Sharing the note on Facebook, she made every dog lover in the world who follows long as her fan smile upon reading.

Lambert, who is an American country music artist that gained fame when she starred on the 2003 season of the hit television show “Nashville Star”, might not have won the reality television competition. However, she certainly winning in her life. Her husband is one of the celebrity judges on the new hit show “The Voice” with costars Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Christina Aguilera. The star celebs were married back in 2011. Only 28 years old, she’s well-liked in Hollywood, loved in Nashville, and internationally famous.

The official website of the singer and songwriter includes her biography, lyrics, celebrity photos of her on stage performing as well as candid shots, performance dates, and links to buy fan merchandise.

She’s already been nominated and awarded a wide variety of career kudos from the general public as well as her contemporary peers for her singing career. To date, she has earned titles like the Academy of Country Music Top Female Vocalist, Academy of Country Music Album of the Year, Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and has shown no suggestion that she plans on slowing down.

As a green celebrity, Miranda Lambert has supported charities like Clothes Off Our Back, the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, and Musicians on Call. According to the Daily Mail, UK tabloid that shares celebrity gossip, she has a penchant for rescuing cats, horses, and dogs.

After noting that another entertainment news magazine revealed she has already adopted over 20 stray rescue dogs, their gossip columnists quipped, “Her pup overfloweth!”

To that end the rumors Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s marriage really has gone to the dogs seems to be true now. The star celebs do own a luxury home — a ranch, actually — that affords the celebrity couple enough room to have all the cats, horses, and dogs she wants. However, one has to wonder how many animals are too many to have in and around the house when you and your partner’s time is already so much involved?

Between his schedule touring and recording being split with filming the Voice, Blake Shelton has already been voicing complaints to his peers about how hard his life has become. Having a bride who likes petting puppies rather than him when she does have a few free hours to spend in her home might actually create some level of marital discord. Insiders seem to suggest that overall Shelton is cool with his new wife’s passion for rescuing animals.

However, everyone is wondering when he will finally tell her that enough is enough and simply make her donate to an animal rights charity or pay to support her own no-kill animal shelter.


Because at the end of the day, no matter how much money you make or how big a bed you can afford to have built, 20 dogs and a bunch of cats tend to hog the bed covers.

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Pet friendly celebrity Miranda Lamberts life is going to the dogs


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