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John Mayer trashing Taylor Swift in the press won’t help him sell concert tickets

June 6th, 2012 at 8:25 pm by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

John Mayer, celebrated musician, singer, and songwriter, is not known for being the nicest guy. While these romance nearly every sexy celebrity starlet in Hollywood, his episodes of being willing to kiss and tell Branded him a perpetual playboy of some kind. One relationship that went wrong in the past was with a very young country music singer named Taylor Swift. Long after the star celebs broke up, he’s come out trashing her in the press. Here’s the latest news about their failed romance. He says he’s humiliated. Here’s why…

John Mayer trashing Taylor Swift in the press wont help him sell concert tickets She was a celebrity teen, he was well-known for being a celebrity skirt chasing guy. Obviously, the love affair was destined to end badly — but on June 6th, 2012 the internet rumor mills reports were on fire after John Mayer told Rolling Stone magazine Taylor Swift humiliated him with her song “Dear John“. Trashing her personally and professionally to the press, he really made himself look worse than she ever could have done with her lyrics. Here’s why his publicity stunt is ultimately likely to backfire.

As a songwriter, she is famous for writing music with lyrics that discuss past love interests after they have either done her wrong or things have gone awry. Since she wrote a song about Mayer, he has been unwilling to let her heartbreak slide. Telling Rolling Stone magazine, “I will say as a songwriter that I think it’s kind of cheap songwriting…” to discuss your personal life or to slam a former flame, as the older gentleman in the relationship he made it clear that she humiliated him with what she had to write.

Gossip Cop, an online celebrity gossip magazine that specializes in revealing of the truth and rumors, said, “Interestingly, Mayer refuses to address some of the songs seemingly telling lyrics such as, quote don’t you think I was too young to be messed with?”" To that end, while John Mayer may think he’s made himself look good by giving the candid interview to the music magazine and dishing dirt on one of the world’s hottest celebrities, is actually just made himself look more like a jerk.

Granted, Taylor Swift (who recently got relationship advice from one of Mayer’s exes Jennifer Aniston) really does tend to have a big mouth when it comes to her relationship follies. But bottom line, most of her chart topping hits were written while she was still a teenager at the time. Believe it or not, even celebrity teens tend to be immature at times. That’s part of the appeal of her music – – because she is so candid with what she writes, many young girls are able to connect with her music on an emotional level. She is successful as a songwriter because she’s able to clearly discuss her feelings in a poetic way that transcends being a simple tune on the radio and becomes a song that togs on the heartstrings’ line.

John Mayer might have done a lot of charity work in the past for organizations like MusiCares, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and Save The Music Foundation, but he is legendary for his affairs with women like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson. Both those women are very adult, not like Taylor Swift at all. Should he been messing with such young girl even though she’s famous? Not if he’s not mature enough to accept the fact that the celebrity teen (who is now 20 something) had the audacity to say something negative about him in a song one time.

For these reasons, he’s managed to make himself look like a hound dog that is jealous she’s been getting all the music prodigy kudos bones this past few years while he’s been fading in to the music by-and-by. While she’s been busy winning awards and selling albums, his name has been all over the celebrity scandal tabloid gossip reports. She lights up the night dazzling paparazzi with her picture perfect evening gowns on red carpets world-wide. He looked like Edward Scissorhands when they were dating and his “boyish good looks” have disappeared swiftly since that time.

If she’s gotten herself involved in cheap songwriting, then him pointing the bad habit out is like the pot calling the kettle black. She writes songs about being broken-hearted that confront past loves and makes a fortune off them. He gives sleazy interviews to Playboy magazine about his sex life with Aniston and how Jessica Simpson is sexual napalm so people will pay attention to him and keep buying his albums.

What’s more, she never said the song was about him. He simply assumed it when everyone else in the world decided the ex she was talking about had to be him. [Taylor Swift has also dated young Taylor Lautner from "Shark Boy" and "Twilight" as well as older suitor Jake Gyllenhaal from "Prince Of Persia" and "Brokeback Mountain" and supposedly has penned lyrics about them as well, but neither man has said an unkind thing about her to the world.]

Therefore, him trashing her to the press is likely to make people think he is whiny, petty, jealous of her success, and not very much of a man. He might want people to pay attention to him now that he’s running out of ideas for new songs that could help him sell more albums, but his idea to trash the famous teen won’t help him sell concert tickets to the youth of America (or very many women in general).

My thoughts about the situation? Grow up, grow a pair, suck it up and deal with it, and get some class little big man. Never kiss and tell if you’re a guy.

What do you think about him trashing young Taylor Swift in the press? Is John Mayer really the nice guy he claims to be who has been done wrong by an opportunistic and essentially vapid, talentless teenage hot girl? Let readers know your thoughts about his remarks to Rolling Stone in the comments section below.


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John Mayer trashing Taylor Swift in the press wont help him sell concert tickets


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