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Rich and famous Hollywood celebrities with homes in New Orleans

May 28th, 2012 at 1:43 am by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Hollywood celebrities don’t just live in California any more. Rich and famous people like humanitarians Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Sandra Bullock are deciding to move to other trendy cities to live in like New Orleans, Louisiana. The Forbes Celebrity 100 list released in May of 2012 revealed which star celebs have ties with NOLA, what their incomes were as stars, and the publishers of (a local news source) were delighted to give the big names a thank you publicly for all they have done to support the city.

Rich and famous Hollywood celebrities with homes in New Orleans The following list includes the names of the most popular Hollywood stars and famous humanitarians with ties to New Orleans. Whether they were born and raised in Louisiana or simply fell in love with the area and decided to purchase celebrity homes in the region, one thing is clear. Since Hurricane Katrina struck the area, actors and actresses as well as singers and celebrities from all walks of life have tried hard to support people of the region by purchasing and refurbishing real estate.

With an estimated income of $58 million, Louisiana star Britney Spears recently landed the job of celebrity judge on Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” thanks to her career as a pop music singer.

Angelina Jolie, a movie star who earns more than $20 million a year, owns a historic luxury home in the French Quarter of NOLA. While she and her six children do not live there year round, they are all big New Orleans Saints football fans.

Her partner Brad Pitt founded the non-profit organization Make It Right Nola to help rebuild the city using sustainable architecture techniques after Hurricane Katrina hit. So far to date, his foundation has built over 70 eco-friendly new homes. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres (who recently purchased one of his mansions in Beverly Hills) earned a reported $53 million last year. She also helps out local residents now by supporting Brad Pitt’s charity efforts in the region.

Actress Sandra Bullock (who made a reported $25 million in 2011) owns a Garden District home where she is raising her adopted son Louis out of the Hollywood spotlight. You can see photos of Sandra Bullock’s celebrity home in New Orleans by visiting Huffington Post.

Atlanta’s own Tyler Perry was born in New Orleans. According to Forbes Celebrity 100, he made over $105 million in 2011 and is rumored to have extended family he supports still living in the area. However, Perry has been very candid that his childhood was incredibly traumatic, so there is no official confirmation that he has invested in the area as an adult for the benefit of relatives.

SOURCE: Forbes Celebrity 100 reveals stars with homes in New Orleans


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Rich and famous Hollywood celebrities with homes in New Orleans


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