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American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez more influential than Justin Bieber?

May 16th, 2012 at 4:49 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

Jennifer Lopez just aced out teen singing sensation Justin Bieber for the top spot on Forbes list of the 100 top celebrities in Hollywood. Why? Most likely because she has had more time on the pond to prove that she has star power. Now that the list came out, new rumors are already swirling that she is quitting American Idol — the reality TV show that helped her make a comeback. Was the magazine wrong to name her the most powerful celebrity?

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez more influential than Justin Bieber? Forbes magazine recently published a list of the top 100 celebrities in Hollywood. Placing American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez at the top of the chart, did they make a mistake by underestimating the influence of Justin Bieber on pop culture? Did they also fuel her ego so much that she will quit working on the FOX television show American Idol now that she thinks she is almighty diva powerful?

“Placement on the list is determined by a combination of fame and money. Fame is defined as ‘media visibility in print, television, radio and online, plus social media power, which we measure by looking at each celebrity’s presence on Facebook and Twitter…’” explained the Toronto Star, quoting the who’s who source.

One Canadian fan going by the moniker writergirl39 commented, “Congrats, Justin! You make Canadians so proud!”

But his stardom was not sensation enough for the fine folks at Forbes to name the charitable young pet-friendly celeb at the top of their list.

Lopez, as an older star with more time on the pond than him to prove her star power, is getting more kudos from media organizations like Forbes for being the comeback kid. Now that the list is out, it looks like she knows it — because rumors have already hit the net claiming she is about to tell FOX network to stuff it, she quits.

As a pop culture icon, JLo (the Latino version of a Hollywood starlet like Marilyn Monroe) earned a whopping 52 million dollars last year. Her portfolio grew thanks to the wages earned co-judging American Idol and selling her own line of clothing at Kohl’s department stores.

But Lopez can’t top the celebrity teen on several areas — including album sales, social media, and paparazzi power.

A relationship train wreck, she’s got two young children with ex Marc Anthony. Her new boyfriend is only 24 years old, a back-up dancer and 2nd cousin to rap singer Lil Wheezy. Bottom line, the type of fame she brings to the table is simply not as wholesome or inspiring of a story than his.

Even though the Biebs does not have his own TV showcase spot (yet) that could put him in the limelight with adults, Justin Bieber earned 55 million dollars last year alone. What’s more, the celebrity teen’s album sales have been tremendous — selling 15 million records since 2009 while branding himself the face of the Gen Me generation.

And, he landed Selena Gomez. The Disney princess is a talented actress and pop music singer with charm, charisma, and good looks galore. So far, he seems to be committed to staying in the relationship and has even talked marriage and kids in such a way that shows he respects the institution and will strive to be a family man in the future.

Bieber — not Lopez — has also had a huge influence on culture thanks to his use of social media. J.Lo can’t boast she was discovered on YouTube or used Twitter and Facebook to do everything from raise awareness for charity benefit causes to helping set fashion trends by sharing pictures even if she does have 6 million plus followers.

As a brand, he’s a force of nature whose power and potential to create and re-create himself seems (at least on the surface) to exceed hers — even if MTV News disagrees and thinks that as a single mom she is an even bigger hit.

So, to that end, Forbes might have made a smart decision to publish a list of the most influential star celebs but they might have underestimated the power of the Biebs when it comes to cultural and social matters.

Who do you think is more influential — Jennifer Lopez or Justin Bieber? Should FOX network do everything in their fiscal power to keep her even if it costs them tens of millions of dollars or can American Idol make it as a franchise without her? Sound off in the comments section below.

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American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez more influential than Justin Bieber?


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