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American Idol 2012: Phillip Phillips object of Jennifer Lopez affections?

April 18th, 2012 at 8:43 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

Who is the hottest male singer on American Idol 2012? If you ask celebrity judge Jennifer Lopez chances are she won’t say the predictable name Colton Dixon. The object of her affections lately seems to be singer Phillip Phillips. Why? Because when the shy boy gets his groove on, he’s like sex on a stick (to quote Maksim Chmerkovskiy — a pro dancer known for being hot on the reality show Dancing With The Stars). Maks refers to himself that way and gets away with it because he’s hot; Phil really ought to think of himself in equally high regard because as older women like J-Lo recognize, he really is delicious.

American Idol 2012: Phillip Phillips object of Jennifer Lopez affections? Phillip Phillips took to the American Idol 2012 stage on April 18 and managed to fluster celebrity judge Jennifer Lopez with his sexy vocals. Singing a tune by Usher, the hot young singer from Georgia managed to truly own it. With a backup band of acoustical instruments, he played the guitar while seated and absolutely killed it. It was truly a magical moment on American Idol — one that any music fan would say was worth every minute of taking a time out from their hectic lives to sit down, tune in, and to turn up the volume while he performed it.

Steven Tyler calls him, “Brilliantly awkward” and Randy Jackson loves him — but tonight Jennifer Lopez finally made special note of that sexy thing the boy does with his hips when he’s singing.

Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony (a Latin singer) are in the final process of divorcing. She has been romantically involved with a 24-year-old back up dancer named Casper Smart (who performs live with her). Looking amazing in a pewter dress that mixed straps and sheer cut outs, she was the hottest woman in the auditorium. That’s part of what was so cute about her nearly wiggling out of her chair when Phillip Phillips took his turn singing to the live studio audience.

If Phillip could get over his natural introverted shyness and learn to look directly into the camera without being bashful and rolling his eyes away during key moments of his songs, he would have the American Idol title buttoned up in a split minute.

Because he is so handsome but does not seem to know it, he’s got the good genes that could help him win this…

But right now, he’s got tough competition for the female vote from Colton Dixon. Colton is cute and he knows how to work the camera angles. As a result, when he sings a moving lyric, viewers who are women feel like he is singing right to them.

The talent to romance a camera was something singers like Elvis and even judge Stephen Tyler had. Phillip Phillips could cinch up a victory if he’d just practice looking at himself in the mirror… or if and when he does get nervous while singing a meaningful lyric he’s just belt it out with all his natural body mechanics rhythm and close his eyes like Joe Cocker always did.

That way, even if intimacy is not established as a connection with a fan, there is still an element of witnessing a private moment he’s having with the music. Shifting his eyes down and away breaks that emotional connection with the TV audience as much or more than it prevents him from connecting with any one particular fan in the live studio audience.

As for Phillip Phillips connecting with Jennifer Lopez on a cougar level, the cute singer admitted to Ryan Seacrest that Jennifer Lopez always makes him blush. There is no romantic connection there, but tonight he sang so well, you could actually notice she was blushing and having to shake off the naughty thoughts. Watching her get uncomfortable looking at him was truly fun.

Whatever it was that she was thinking seemed to really strike a cord because several times she even blushed. She had a positive visceral reaction to his song while watching him sing during the reality television competition show.

So, while Colton Dixon most likely will win the youth vote because of his new rendition of Lady Gaga‘s hit song Bad Romance despite his second non-remarkable Dancing in September Earth Wind and Fire tune falling a little flat — we bet Usher never saw his own version of a Little Monster coming… Phillip Phillips.

Phillips knocked his second tune. Singing Wait Till The Midnight Hour, he made women all across America want to set their alarm clock. That boy is magic.

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American Idol 2012: Phillip Phillips object of Jennifer Lopez affections?


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