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Celebrity Apprentice 2012: Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey O’Day still on?

April 15th, 2012 at 10:04 pm by Kelly Green Leave a reply »

Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 has been filled with drama created mostly by the personal dynamics of the star celebs who are on — not because of tough task challenges show host Donald Trump has set up on the side. Several of the players who appeared as cast members have ended up damaging their careers outside of the show because they have revealed character traits that are the worst. Lisa Lampanelli is a racist who carries a huge grudge against pretty women and Aubrey O’Day is a narcissistic backstabbing witch.

Celebrity Apprentice 2012: Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey ODay still on? Last week, Lou Ferrigno got cast off the show after verbally attacking Lisa Lampanelli in the boardroom. The female comedian has been professional in her actions but not in her words. She rarely shows verbal respect to everyone she works with and sets an entirely negative tone wherever she goes. Aubrey O’Day got called out for being a back-stabber and a narcissist, but survived when the team she was on won the Walk With Walgreens contest. Both women have revealed themselves to be evil — only caring about themselves and the win [for ego more than charity] no matter how many people they hurt in the process.

This week, the two Celebrity Apprentice teams headed over to the F.A.O. Schwartz toy store for their new challenge. The son of Jim Henson, Brian Henson from The Muppets, was there to task the teams to build puppets and do a live performance with them.

Each task required four people. They were to be judged on a puppet improv that was essentially guided by Stuffed And Unstrung.

Lisa and Paul stepped up to be project managers for the task, and the immediate feeling was that Paul’s team (with the exception of Arsenio Hall) would have no real way to beat the comedian.

Arsenio Hall (who won last week for Magic Johnson‘s charity), reality star Teresa Giudice, Aubrey O’Day were all on Paul senior’s team [Paul Teutel, Sr.].

Lisa Lampanelli lucked out ad got Penn Jillette, Clay Aiken, and Dayana Mendoza (Miss Universe), but she quickly blew her corporate advantage by abusing her power as team leader and cutting Diana out of the team process. Making terribly unprofessional remarks to and about her and insisting that she was better faking a Spanish accent than letting the sweeter and more likable Latina star control a puppet was utterly ridiculous.

Twitter followers of the show went crazy noting that Lisa Lampanelli hates Diana because the comedienne is actually a racist. Not only was it clear that no matter what Diana did or said throughout the course of the series that Lisa was going to hate it because the girl was younger and prettier… after this show Lisa’s real character started to show.

She thinks pretty girls and Spanish-speaking people are all stupid.

But no sooner did the show highlight how rude Lisa Lampanelli really is than they went to video clips that showed the show’s biggest mouth Aubrey O’Day started backstabbing in video clips again.

Poor Paul had his back go out at the competition. Knowing how much a back injury can take out of people and that he was most likely sitting down a great deal because walking must have been difficult. Aubrey implied that Paul was a misogynist — which was never in any way something her team leader acted like during the contest. Young and stupid socially and emotionally but having a high intellect and a mean girl moral ethic, she has really made herself look bad professionally every time she’s opened her mouth thinking she’s been a clever strategist throughout the reality TV competition process.

So ultimately, which woman is the worst person, noting that their behavior has been so bad throughout the contest that hiring them for a corporate position is not the right move for any corporation?

Before the boardroom, Lisa broke into tears saying she did not get into the business to make people girls cry — and Donald Trump (not having seen the footage of how she acted outside of the boardroom) seemed to buy it. Poor Diana was left hung out to dry.

Regardless of which woman gets voted off first, the feeling of people watching the show in our office was that no one we know will ever watch a thing Lisa Lampanelli does ever again even if she is an LGBT rights activist because bottom line — she is so vicious. As for Aubrey O’Day? We have not met anyone yet who even knows who she is, but there will be no job offers for her from Green Celebrity Network.

Ultimately, the team that won the puppet challenge, Lisa’s team won. Twitter fans were outraged because everyone is tired of watching Lisa abuse her co-workers.

But we had a different take on it. We think it is great she won because she could not drag poor Dayana back to the boardroom again.

As far as who got voted off, the boardroom was a sad firing. Teresa threw her project manager Paul under the bus before they even went in. Aubrey defended her hard work but pointed out that she failed to observe the rules of improv. Arsenio was smart to back Paul as a leader. Paul refused to bring Arsenio back to the boardroom.

Strategizing, Paul made a better choice for the long-term interest of the competition by keeping Arsenio in the game even if it meant he himself got voted out for the loss. He was fired, in the end, for not bringing his friend back.

Paul, we applaud.



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Celebrity Apprentice 2012: Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey ODay still on?


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