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Elise and Phillip: Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (Tom Petty song video)

April 5th, 2012 at 2:40 am by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler were all in shock after hearing one of the most outstanding duets ever performed live on the American Idol set. Elise Testone, a singer from South Carolina, and Phillip Phillips, a musical genius from Georgia, knocked out a classic rock tune made popular in the 80s by Tom Petty. When they sang together, the stage lit up like Woodstock. Watch the video clip here…

Elise and Phillip: Stop Draggin My Heart Around (Tom Petty song video) Sultry Elise Testone and super sexy shy guy Phillip Phillips knocked their live performance duet out of the park on the American Idol episode that aired April 4th, 2012. Bottom line, it had to have been one of the best song duets that ever aired on the hit reality television show competition.

Celebrity judge Randy Jackson hit the nail on the head with his overly simple comment, “Wow”.

Watch the song video clip below then you tell us — how cool are these two Idols? Way to go. Please, please consider touring together and making a duets rock music ballad album together in the future for sure.

Elise Testone is a singer from Charleston, South Carolina who teaches at a rock music school on Folly Beach. Last week, she absolutely sang a classic Led Zeppelin tune so well that even music legend Robert Plant should be proud and entertained to hear.

Phillip Phillips is from Georgia. The unassuming doll-faced young man sings with such charisma and passion that music seems to flow up from the center of the earth through the soles of his feet all the way through his soul. Watching the spirit of the song take over when he’s singing a tune he connects with is pure joy. There simply is not anyone more fun to visually watch perform on the show — although Colton Dixon and Joshua Ledet are strong contenders as well.

But here, there is no room to digress. Turn your speaker volume all the way up and press the play button to watch the video of Phillip and Elise singing the Tom Petty song “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”. Seriously folks, these two singers truly understand what it means to sing rock and roll.



Elise and Phillip: Stop Draggin My Heart Around (Tom Petty song video)


Both singers (Elise and Phillip) have their own strengths and confidence as performers. She’s earthy and sings in deep, rich tones. He’s got the Joe Cocker look and vibe — sexy in an unassuming way, he turns on his audience with his blues meets controlled chaos of rock and roll voice.

But as exciting as these two reality television contestants are to watch alone, seeing them sing together was almost voyeuristic.

Phillip Phillips biggest problem is about to be that women who understand the wavelength he’s groovin’ to won’t be able to keep their panties on around him once they have seen him perform live. It would be a health risk because their undergarments might spontaneously combust (because girls will get so hot). No one really cares if he wins or loses the reality television competition just so long as we get to hear him sing to us every day on the radio from this point forward and we can buy concert tickets to watch him perform whenever he goes on tour.

As for Elise Testone? Winner of American Idol right now or not, girl… you are destined for a lifetime career singing (and ultimately inspiring modern artists to sing) classic rock and roll.

Like Jennifer Lopez said, when you hear great music like this and it is sung that great, you want to hear more of that show.

We agree with Steven Tyler. This performance was beautiful, man.

If you love these two American Idol contestants and would like to hear more from them on the competition, please don’t forget to vote for them on American Idol. Their solo songs might not have been the best of the night on this particular evening (even thought they were not the worst), but seeing how well they did singing together clearly should place the two competitors on top of the leaderboard for April 5th… but they need your vote to make the finals on down the road.

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Elise and Phillip: Stop Draggin My Heart Around (Tom Petty song video)


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