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Dancing With The Stars: Who is Jaleel White? (Steve Urkel, child star)

March 20th, 2012 at 9:51 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Who is Jaleel White? The competitor on Dancing With The Stars 2012 with the even temperament and smooth moves was a child star. Famous for playing the most nerdy teen in the world Steve Urkel, he’s winning hearts of women across America now that he’s all grown up. That is, except for his ex. She allegedly filed assault charges against them as part of a ply to keep custody of their young child back in 2010. Appearing on the show at the urging of his mother, it is hard to imagine this nice young man is a misogynist.

Dancing With The Stars: Who is Jaleel White? (Steve Urkel, child star) Jaleel White, who used to play the most famous teenage nerd in the world, Steve Urkel, in ABC television sitcom “Family Matters,” is all grown up. Nowadays, the smooth talking actor has been keeping busy with his own family matters. ABC news reports, “In 2010, the 34-year-old actor was embroiled in a custody dispute with Bridget Hardy, the mother of his younger daughter.” According the source, Hardy filed what Jaleel claims is a false police report.

His baby mama claimed the iconic actor assaulted her while they were driving. Making the story sound even worse for him with social services, she claimed he hit her with the baby in the car. The news she filed charges against him created a huge celebrity scandal for the former child star.

At the time, Jaleel’s reps told TMZ (the news source that uncovered the story) that she was essentially full of it. Their response to the charge that Steve Urkel had grown up to be abusive? Reps said, “There was absolutely no battery … no abuse … and the incident never happened. This is just a ploy in an ongoing custody battle over their young daughter to tarnish his name.”

Following her the report filing, his guilt was never substantiated.

The last couple to dance on the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars in 2012 was Jaleel White and Kym Johnson.

All grown up and sexy now, he is a natural dancer. Well mannered, he also seems to be a well-mannered and even-tempered gentleman.

Dancing the Fox Trot, he looked like he’d already been dancing in the ballroom forever.

She looked more lovely than a swan in her white feather and flower petal embellished ball gown. Before the dance was even finished the crowd was on their feet cheering and hollering.

Carrie Ann called him the icing on the cake, saying he was smooth. Len said without a doubt he helped make it the best first show of any season. Bruno said he felt like he was watching Gregory Hines (an incredibly smooth and talented tap dancer).

By the time he made it back to Brooke Burke, he was laughing. Kym (who won Dancing With The Stars with Hines Ward) said for a first dance, it was incredible. Admitting his mother made him come on the show, his score of 9 – 8 – 8 surely made her proud.

To vote for Jaleel and Kym, dial 1-800-868-3412 or follow the #TeamJaleel hashtag on Twitter.


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Dancing With The Stars: Who is Jaleel White? (Steve Urkel, child star)


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