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Who is Jermaine Jones and why was he kicked off American Idol 2012?

March 14th, 2012 at 3:49 am by Kelly Green Leave a reply »

There’s a celebrity scandal brewing in Hollywood and this time it is not because of a Disney Princess gone wild, a starving actress collapsing, or a drugged out actor overdosing. A contestant on American Idol 2012 is allegedly being kicked off the reality television show because he lied to producers and tricked the judges and viewing audiences into believing a sob story about his personal life that absolutely was not real. What did the gentle giant Jermaine Jones do to get kicked off Idol early despite being a great baritone? Here’s the inside scoop about what happened and everything you need to know about how the show producers have elected to handle the situation up until now…

Who is Jermaine Jones and why was he kicked off American Idol 2012?  Who is Jermaine Jones and why was he kicked off American Idol? The baritone singer is the mama’s boy show host Ryan Seacrest nicknamed the “gentle giant” for his soft, low tones. He was brought back by the judges with an emergency save, becoming contestant number 25 when the show only slated room for 24. Judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler thought his voice was so good, that he should have had the opportunity to be on the show. Now, the aspiring R&B singer has been accused of conning the American Idol producers and judges into letting him come on the show. Since the truth has been dug up by tenacious paparazzi who get paid big bucks to generate big story leads, he’s allegedly going to be kicked off the reality television competition early because of his lies and criminal past life.

According to Hollywood life, Jermaine Jones might seem like he is a sweet, gentle, and soft-spoken guy — but they say he’s a fraud. “It turns out he’s had some unfortunate run ins with the law that will lead to his elimination from American Idol…” claimed the celebrity gossip website with a spoiler that hit the Internet on March 14th, 2012. Their reliable news source? A TMZ report claimed the young baritone, a 25-year-old singer and professional vocal coach, has been arrested several times and that he has finally been caught by show producers.

The website says he was arrested twice last year and at the present has outstanding warrants.The New York Daily news also picked up the story, running the headline Jermaine Jones reportedly kicked off ‘Idol‘ for concealing arrests.

Getting in trouble with the law is a huge no-no on the show. Producers are so serious about keeping riff-raff off their sets, each contestant has to sign sworn statements that they have not been in any legal trouble.

But the story TMZ is sharing based on their investigation of what is likely to be true facts is more disturbing than expected. It seems one of this gentle giant’s previous arrests was actually due to violence!

[Little Ryan Seacrest better back down from going toe to toe and chest to chest with super tall Jermaine when he gives him the news he might be ousted from the cast.]

Even more unfortunate than having an alleged criminal past are the claims Jones totally lied during his interview segments when he claimed he has had no relationship with his father. Even though the spin made for a more compelling story, the singer would have fared far better with the network, other cast members (who are allegedly upset they have been working and essentially living side by side with him), and with the American press if he had simply stated that he had a difficult relationship with his father [who in real life he's seen frequently Hollywood Life alleges] rather than making up some BS about not having a dad.

“That said, we have to wonder if producers weren’t more upset with the fact Jermaine allegedly lied about being abandoned by his father 10 years ago, when, in fact, his dad has a relationship with him…” said the celeb site.

Not sure how the drama will play out yet and surely brainstorming about the simplest way to spin the gentle giant’s big exit, American Idol reps (as of the wee hours of the morning on March 14th, 2012) still had “no comment.” However, a press release about the incident and a big reveal segment are expected to air on the live program.

In addition, nearly every major media outlet picked up the story — something that hopefully will teach a lesson to any aspiring singers out there: honesty, no matter how hard the truth might be to tell, is always the best policy.


Besides telling the truth as an act of good will, if you ever do find any measure of success based of lies, ultimately the fraud will be revealed. Then, everyone will have to go through hell. So why not take life’s punches on the chin during the first round at the starting bell? After all, if you take your hard knocks then and can still get up, chances are you will still be standing (and smiling) when it comes time win the round. If you can stay strong, you might even win a championship belt.

One winning example of a star celebrity who overcame the odds was actor and comedian Tim Allen. He’s an ex-con but an incredibly well liked entertainer who everyone in the world loves working with — and no one in Hollywood is scared to hire or work with him at all.

According to the Washington Post, Jones tweeted on his official American Idol Twitter account the status update, “Awww I will no longer b on the show.” Checking into the rumor, it has been determined that the post — as well as the singer’s official “Idol” account have been deleted.

A Fox network spokeswoman declined to comment on the matter or confirm that Jones himself had made the tweet, but it is unlikely his account was deleted due to a password security breach.

What do you think? Should Jermaine Jones (or any contestant for that matter) be kicked off American Idol 2012 if the story is true he lied about his personal life and having a criminal past? Should show producers turn him in to the police or bail bondsmen for his outstanding warrants? Should competitors with exceptional voices but unsavory personal lives be allowed to compete for the title? Tell other readers your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Who is Jermaine Jones and why was he kicked off American Idol 2012?


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