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The Voice: Christina Aguilera workplace bullying Adam Levine? (History)

March 11th, 2012 at 4:26 am by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

That busty diva Christina Aguilera is busting out the Twitter humor nowadays to get the attention of fellow The Voice judge Adam Levine. Is it just us, or does that girl have a serious love-hate relationship going with her nimble-bodied co-star? The Burlesque star has been quite antagonistic when the cameras are rolling and her favorite object of ridicule is the yoga rocker. Apparently the very real fact he’s got the moves like Jagger has got her attention because [even though he has a girlfriend (a super hot model)], the new divorcee who has packed on a few pounds won’t leave him alone on stage or off. Has she officially become a cyber stalker, using her star power to tank his product sales by playing a cat and mouse game with him on Twitter?

The Voice: Christina Aguilera workplace bullying Adam Levine? (History) As the lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine has become a powerful man in the music industry. Because he is so likable as a person, most macho guys like him and gay men love him. Women think he is totally hot and sexy (even if he is not a knuckle dragger). Now that his popularity is skyrocketing, The Voice judge and mentor has agreed to debut his own unisex fragrance. That’s what got his real life celebrity stalker Christina Aguilera all riled up — the news that “222” is coming out and expected to do well in the perfume and cologne markets.

[Think of it as the CK One that can be worn by people who actually do have an interest in getting laid... a fragrance that can and should be worn by someone who knows how to get someone else's rocks off.]

Gossip Cop revealed the somewhat disturbing news Aguilera has it out for Adam Levine. The celebrity gossip site shared:

“The Voice” sparring partner Christina Aguilera decided to gently tease the Maroon 5 rocker for a small bit of hypocrisy.

Levine is set to launch “222,” his signature scent, for both men and women next year.

But just a year ago, Levine was singing a different tune – and Aguilera is calling him out on it.

“I also would like to put an official ban on celebrity fragrances. Punishable by death from this point forward,” wrote Levine on Twitter in March 2011.

On Friday, Aguilera linked to Levine’s anti-fragrance missive and commented, “Haha @AdamLevine. What a difference a year makes… Welcome to the celebrity fragrance family!”

But before you simply laugh and think the tweet was innocent in nature or sent in jest. Don’t think she said it as a random remark — she made the comment in a reply to his one year old Tweet!

[She actually added her new remark to the old post. How she found it, who knows... but her scrolling finger must be awfully tired from having to read back through so many tweets.]

The Voice: Christina Aguilera workplace bullying Adam Levine? (History) So there it is… proof positive that Christina Aguilera is passive aggressive, sarcastic, and a cyber stalker with a heart-on for The Voice co-star Adam Levine.

But it’s okay, Big C — we understand why Adam gets you all hot and bothered. Not only is he talented, his girlfriend is far better looking than you and leads a much fitter lifestyle. He’s bright, confident (not arrogant), and well liked. We understand why you love to hate him. After all, his star is rising while yours is falling…

Rumor mills have been reporting for several years now that Christina Aguilera has been drinking a lot on the sly. It was also confirmed that after she got married to a very wealthy man, got pregnant, and had her child that she started rocking the proverbial marital boat to the point of getting a divorce. However, not one to let things go easily and always interested in one-upping those who are not sexually or emotionally interested in her, she actually moved her boy-toy lover into the marital estate. Get this — while the estranged hubs and her child were both still living there!

So, to that end, while Christina Aguilera was likely to have been enormously successful at making her tiny, rich, nerdy husband jealous of her tall, hot, and handsome lover she really did a great deal to make herself look like nothing but a vindictive witch. When she took her ex-hubs for a small fortune and then kept custody of her kid despite her booze fest and live-in booty call, she made herself look greedy, selfish, and malicious.

While she might have a great set of pipes on her, no one is accusing her of being mother of the year.

For those reason, when she tripped on stage this past year during one live performance and flubbed lines during the national anthem, it was hard not to stifle laughter… and when former Dancing With The Stars competitor turned Fashion Police expert Kelly Osbourne blasted her for getting fat my wife and I both broke into applause.

But watching her cut her eyes at Adam Levine so often on The Voice and reading her little Twitter attack that can only have been done to hurt his product sales by telling her followers that he is essentially a disingenuous fraud while she pretends to pay him a back-handed compliment gives us pause.

You see, most clever men or women who are masterful at emotional abuse know that jokes that insult are never fun or funny remarks. They are always rooted in some form of truth.

Because Adam Levine is such a good guy — one who promotes health and fitness, encourages people to act responsibly, has healthy self-esteem, and treats women right — he’s an easy target for her to obsess about and shower with this pretend friendship hate. While Christina Aguilera was making headlines for acting trashy last year, the pop idol from the adult boy band was getting busy with his model girlfriend while posing nude for charity.

Great celebrity tattoos, by the way, Adam. Noteworthy.

Back in the day, Artist’s Direct noted the unisex appeal of Adam Levine’s charity benefit ad saying, “The revealing photo is being utilized to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. A pair of well-placed lady’s hands are the only things covering Levine’s package. The photo will appear in the February issue of Cosmopolitan. Cosmo readers, rejoice. ”

Levine (and his girl) should tread very lightly with their social interactions with Christina Aguilera and he should do whatever he can to limit their interactions during the reality television competition. If his team beats hers again, she’s only going to try to wreak mayhem.

To put it bluntly, what Adam is facing is no less than emotional bullying at his workplace. “What we are describing here has been identified as “mobbing” and “bullying” at the workplace. Co-workers, superiors or subordinates, attack a person’s dignity, integrity and competence, repeatedly, over a number of weeks, months or even years. A person is being subjected to emotional abuse, subtly or bluntly, often falsely accused of wrongdoing, and is persistently humiliated…” says, a group that tries to help those under attack.

Producers who ignore the subtle damage the antagonism she’s causing are contributing to a negative workplace environment that is not going to help the show PR at all. If they think she’s going to draw ratings like Simon Cowell used to do for American Idol, they are about to generate their own X Factor fall.

History shows:

  • Cee Lo Green (who recently sang songs with Justin Bieber for charity) is safe because he keeps his distance and seldom looks her in the eyes. If you watch his mannerism, he darts his eyes around to avoid looking at her while he pretends he’s a lover not a fighter.
  • Blake Shelton is safe because (quite frankly) he is not taking sales away from her in the fragrance or pop music market and he always looks down and away when there is any sort of confrontation with her on camera…but he will look right at Adam.
  • Adam Levine is different because he will look at her directly in the eyes like a person with healthy self esteem. He appears to have an open interest in trying to engage in a meaningful conversation with her and treats her like someone he would like to understand, whom he respects, and is trying to appreciate.
  • Christina Aguilera (a woman who does not appear to be very balanced) seems to see his behavior as both enticing and confrontational. From there, the games begin as she obsesses and throws verbal darts and jabs that can always be explained away as misinterpreted or humor.

But don’t let her fool you, Maroon 5 camp or show producers. Only a toxic person throws verbal jabs in ways designed to knock the wind out of your sails — and typically, the darts they hurl are right at the point of emotional vulnerability that will cause the most damage. Girls like Christina don’t seem to care about people — whether their friends, family, loved ones, or kids. All they know is they have to keep going… to keep competing… to keep fighting.

The Voice: Christina Aguilera workplace bullying Adam Levine? (History) It is through their addiction to being ugly bullies like her think they can win. You need to have a clause put into her contract that she should not be allowed to attack other judges personally on or off cam.

And while you are writing that little codicil up, throw in that she’s not allowed to be half-lit (or with a fully ignited fuse) while she’s on camera filming the show or “mentoring” any of her singers. Otherwise, she’s going to create more problems than the show might be able to stand in the ratings if real singers decide they have no interest in working with her or other stars like Adam get sick of dealing with her.

In addition to needing to go on a diet for her own health, she also appears to be in need of some serious counseling.



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The Voice: Christina Aguilera workplace bullying Adam Levine? (History)


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