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Demi Moore in treatment so she won’t collapse in front of her kids again

February 24th, 2012 at 5:09 am by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Actress Demi Moore is apparently trying hard to clean up her parenting act. Hiding out in rehab facilities while undergoing voluntary drug addiction treatment and therapy to help her overcome what has become a serious eating disorder, she is allegedly working hard to get past the train wreck that was once called her beautiful marriage to actor Ashton Kutcher. But she’s not trying to get better so the younger star will take her back. He’s a cheater, and she’s a celebrity mom — one who finally seems to notice that her behavior in front of her kids (as well as behind their backs) has a serious impact.

Demi Moore in treatment so she wont collapse in front of her kids again Demi Moore used to be one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Then, the inevitable happened. She had three kids, got divorced, stayed rich and famous, then shacked up with a younger man. When they first hooked up, their ill-fated relationship seemed like kismet. But time did tell, and he turned out to be a cheater — apparently Ashton Kutcher might be funny, smart, and great in the sack but he’s not what the star was looking for at all.

When the inevitable happened (he got caught), fans worried. She was an emotional mess and the stress of the betrayal quickly took its toll on the health and beauty of the actress. But not all is lost. She’s alive (not dead like Gen X idol Whitney Houston — who died in a bathtub, leaving her own 18-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown to fend for herself).

“Demi is really doing well in rehab. She was about to hit rock bottom but now things are looking up for her,” a source told RadarOnline. Belfast Telegraph further reports, “Demi has a good outlook for the future and those around her think that she is taking her treatment seriously so that she doesn’t have another incident like the one in January.”

According to the UK news site, “The star was left devastated last year after reports emerged that her husband of six years Ashton Kutcher had cheated on her on their wedding anniversary.” Ummm, yeah? There are very few decisions a person can make romantically to hurt they partner than to disappear or shack up with someone else — especially in a way that is very public and occurs on a sentimental holiday like a wedding anniversary. Yo, Ashton? Duh!

“Since splitting from Ashton, Demi has been spotted looking painfully thin and was rumoured to have been partying to ease her heartbreak. She collapsed at her Los Angeles home on January 23 and is believed to have smoked a substance “similar to incense” before suffering a seizure…” says the tabloid.

That substance was something called Spice, a designer drug that borders on being illegal but has not been classified as such yet — so parents of impressionable teens and twenty-somethings who think they are cool by partying down with people who are young are likely to end up looking like a fool, twitching about on their kitchen floor or having a seizure and puking on the living room rug.

The rumor mill reports say the actress is doing so well right now in therapy because she is determined to deal with her issues and wants to get her life back on track.

“She knows what happened was dangerous and she doesn’t want to have a repeat of that again, especially not in front of her daughter,” the source added. One can only hope.

However, Demi is likely to be thriving where she is right now because she is being lavished with attention — and the media has stopped talking about the horrific tell-all article that pointed out Kutcher’s adulterous ways in no uncertain terms. The aspiring actress named Sarah Leal who sold the story of their short-lived booty call claims Demi Moore has ruined her life because now everyone thinks she’s a who-AR. Guess what, Miss Leal? YOU ARE.

And while Demi (who has been playing the Where’s Waldo game with press while she hides out in rehabs) can still save face and more forward with her life after this embarrassing little celebrity scandal, one can only hope that in Hollywood social circles you will never be forgiven. Because while we might tolerate watching Ashton Kutcher continue his role as the lame duck replacement for actor Charlie Sheen in Chuck Lorre‘s TV series Two And A Half Men, its Demi everyone wants to see make a comeback and take on great acting roles on the big screen.

Even more so, fans want to see Demi Moore straighten out her messed up life for the benefit of her three celebrity daughters by actor Bruce Willis. Since she and a heavily tattooed Rumer Willis were partying together at the family home the night she collapsed, sister Tallulah Willis just turned 18 and is still so young and impressionable, and middle child Scout Willis just posed nearly nude on a motorcycle wearing not much more than a genuine animal fur vest and assless chaps, it is clear that mom’s relationship with her young lover Ashton has not all been for the best.

Do you thing she will be able to resurrect her acting career, get better physically and emotionally, and regain the respect of her family, friends, and daughters? Let other readers know your thoughts about the celebrity scandal in the comments section below.


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Demi Moore in treatment so she wont collapse in front of her kids again


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