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Celebrity Death: Mariah Carey devastated rival Whitney Houston deceased?

February 12th, 2012 at 2:51 am by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

The news that Whitney Houston died has rocked Hollywood social circles. While the Grammys producers have been frantically scrambling to figure out a way to pay tribute to the star who died just one day before their scheduled show, many of the star celebs in the music world who could have sung at their awards show were too busy mourning that to participate in rehearsals. Fortunately for them, singer Jennifer Hudson had just preformed a Whitney Houston tribute at the beginning of February at the BET Awards. Singing to Houston while she was alive was a great honor for Hudson. But to sing a tribute so shortly after her death would have to be daunting for her long-time celebrity friends. That’s why young Hudson is going to do it — because bigger name stars like Mariah Carey are too shook up to sing the chart topping hit songs their dead celebrity friend made famous when she was competing against them.

Celebrity Death: Mariah Carey devastated rival Whitney Houston deceased? Mariah Carey says she is heartbroken to hear that the Grammy award-winning singer Whitney Houston is really dead. She claims to have been in tears over the shocking news that her dear friend and long time music rival was found non-responsive in a Beverly Hills hotel room. Houston died the day before the Grammys were scheduled to take place in 2012. Inside sources say Carey, a new mom and wife to America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon, claimed she was so upset she could hardly function. While she might have been too upset to sing a tribute piece for her friend at the 2012 Grammys (an honor that former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson agreed to accept as a last-minute assignment), she was able to pull herself together enough to do one thing right. Tweet about the celebrity death effectively.

Understanding what an important part star celebs play in their real fans lives, she was one of the only star celebs to send condolences out to all of the dead singer’s millions of fans around the world. Calling her, “the incomparable Ms. Whitney Houston…” she sent her heartfelt condolences out to all the members of Whitney Houston’s family as well.

The new mother of twins Roc and Roe has not spent much time with her friend since marrying husband Nick Cannon, something she will surely regret now that Aunt Whitney won’t be one of the celebrity friends that her two beautiful babies grow up knowing.

According to Carey, her friend Houston, “…will never be forgotten as [one of the women with] the greatest voices to ever grace the earth.”

While news of the celebrity death was a shock to some, many of the singer’s close personal friends and critics felt that an untimely demise was coming.

While no news has been released about the cause of death yet, there is no foul play suspected. Police have not ruled out or confirmed whether or not the singer died from a drug overdose, excessive drinking, or even suicide. However, she was seen partying hard the night before her body was found in the five-star resort hotel room in Beverly Hills.

To that end, Whitney Houston seemed to go out the way she preferred to live — with a dose of diva glam factor infused into her celebrity death story.

She was in Hollywood to sing for her celebrity friends at a pre-Grammy Party. apparently she had been in good spirits while partying hard the night before she died. Mariah Carey was not out with her, as her priorities seem to be on staying home with her loving husband and those adorable new babies more regularly.

Should Mariah Carey be the one to sing the Whitney Houston tribute at the Grammys in 2012 — or will Jennifer Husdon be the better choice? Let readers know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Celebrity Death: Mariah Carey devastated rival Whitney Houston deceased?


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