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Comedian Russell Brand in not so funny car accident in California

February 11th, 2012 at 8:02 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Celebrity OOPS! Katy Perry’s ex husband Russell Brand pulled a move behind the wheel while driving in California that resulted in a bit of a single car accident. The celebrity was spotted chatting away on his cell phone when he turned down a one way street. The only problem was he went the wrong way! Luckily, he did not hurt anyone or himself, but when he realized what he’d done and turned his car around, he made yet another bad choice — not as bad a decision as to divorce Katy Perry, but still. He caused some damage to his own automobile during the whole ordeal. There is a good reason while talking on mobile phone illegal in California — because it is so easy to get distracted by the gadget and conversations that in high traffic areas, using a cell phone behind the wheel simply is not safe.

Comedian Russell Brand in not so funny car accident in California Comedian Russell Brand (star of Arthur and Get Him To The Greek) may have been remaining cool following his filing for divorce from star celeb singer Katy Perry for a time, but he kind of lost it lately. It seems the finality of the Fireworks (Katy Perry’s big hit) divorce may be causing him a little more distraction than the normally cool-headed comedian wants to let on. Brand was spotted recently driving the wrong way down a one-way street in California, noted Perez Hilton.

On top of that, he was spotted with what appeared to be a cell phone stuck to his ear. That may not be a problem in the UK (talking your mobile phone while driving), but it’s a definite no-no in Cali. In addition to being illegal, that dang phone also caused him to be in a single car accident of sorts. Here’s the story.

Once he did eventually notice he was going the wrong way down the one-way street, and Brand turned around over a central embankment, resulting in a flat tire, reported Metro. Oops! The Mail Online reports that the star celeb comedian waited a few minutes in his black SUV before correcting his mistake and heading out to Sunset Boulevard.

He did manage to make it home, but it’s pretty obvious that he’s going to need to have his fancy vehicle looked at before he does any more cruising around Cali … or anywhere else for that matter. Hopefully he suffered no more than a flat tire, but the star celeb does at least have the cash to pay for it.

The entire celebrity car wreck scandal might have been an OOPS moment, but it really was not funny. He could have injured himself or someone else. Or worse! What is he accidentally killed somebody if he had a head-on collision? The charitable celeb would not have laughed at that, as he’s well-known for being an empathetic humanitarian.

The charitable Russell Brand is a huge supporter of the Free Tibet Movement, and he also is the patron of Focus 12, a UK addictions support charity. Not surprising, considering insiders will say that Brand has his own problems with alcohol addiction. Some may say that his addiction may have been a part of the reason of the split between him and Katy Perry, although other insiders say it really was more because Katy’s family didn’t approve, as Katy is an avowed Catholic and Brand is not.

Mail Online also has said that Russell Brand is a practicing Buddhist, and he’s been trying to move on following the finalization of the divorce from Katy Perry without delay. The celebrity couple already entered a divorce settlement agreement with the court that will allow them to split amicably. And he has said he is committed to remaining friends with Katy Perry, even though the 14 month marriage didn’t work out for the long haul in the end.

As a charitable celeb, like his ex-wife, he’s been an avid Red Cross supporter (which she dedicated her hit Fireworks to support the Japanese tsunami relief last year). Katy Perry also supports Project Clean Water and Habitat for Humanity while he does many charity benefit comedy show appearances to help raise money for humanitarian causes.

Whatever really happened between the two, we hope they can make it work separately, if not ever destined to get back together. Best of luck.

And Russell? Take some driving lessons from a California instructor.


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Comedian Russell Brand in not so funny car accident in California


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