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Madonna embarrassed by M.I.A. Super Bowl scandal because it hurt charity

February 10th, 2012 at 8:14 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Madonna is the founder of Raising Malawi (a charity). She’s embarrassed and angry at hip hop star M.I.A. for how she acted on Super Bowl 2012 TV. The green celebrity thinks the UK Hip Hop star showed poor manners and acted like a punk teenager when she chose to flip off Americans and swear at them on live TV. The problem for Madonna in all of this is that rather than the halftime show helping her launch her world tour and bringing much-needed attention to her charity benefit project Raising Malawi, all people are taking about is how bad the younger wannabe star acted on TV.

Madonna embarrassed by M.I.A. Super Bowl scandal because it hurt charity Star celeb Madonna, the artist and green celebrity, perhaps best known for her Like a Virgin risqué moves, is less than pleased with British artist M.I.A. for flipping American football fans the dreaded middle finger. When Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction during an earlier Super Bowl, she had plausible deniability (and a nipple ring shield) to protect the viewers who saw the infamous wardrobe malfunction event on live television. But her back up singer has no excuse for her brain malfunction while people were watching everywhere.

Madonna is less than pleased with the intentional flip slip M.I.A. made (and probably would have been less embarrassed had she fallen down herself when she lost her footing stepping up on that platform in those stiletto heels she was trying her best to dance in). Making an appearance on the radio show hosted by Ryan Seacrest, Madonna definitely did not mince words about her impression of what the UK Hip Hop star did live on American television.

Hollywood Life reported the news that the pop music seemed really embarrassed about the hip hop star’s inappropriate action. They shared words from her celebrity interview, saying:

“I was really surprised [to find out what M.i.A. did]. I didn’t know anything about it,” the Material Girl [Madonna] confessed.

“I wasn’t happy about it. I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy, and positivity; it seemed negative.”

“It’s such a teenager… irrelevant thing to do… It was just out of place.”

The South London singer M.I.A. apparently upstaged the Bad Girl, and the Hufington Post said there was nothing expected about M.I.A.’s intentional publicity stunt. The news site reported that nothing similar had been planned during rehearsals. But when the time came to appear live on TV and to perform for the NFL guests at the stadium, M.I.A. sang the line “I don’t give a sh*t” during one of her pop hits and flipped the bird at anyone there to watch football and be entertained during the championship.

Taking matters into her own hands to whip up a celebrity scandal of her own, the Queen of Pop got the ball rolling when TMZ reported:

Madonna is lashing out at M.I.A.’s bird-flipping grab for attention during the Super Bowl Halftime show last weekend — claiming the crude gesture was a “teenager … irrelevant thing to do.”

The Brits quickly picked up the news.

According to The Sun, Madonna was shocked at the lack of professionalism of the pop star.

No one is talking about what M.I.A. had to say in response.

Madonna is a proud co-founder Raising Malawi and a proud supporter of UNICEF and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. But if M.I.A, a charitable celeb in her own right who supports social justice and sustainability through the 4REAL Foundation and pediatric cancer treatment through the Pablove Foundation, can embarrass a superstar like Madonna, she may need to change her tune.

Why was Madonna so angry that she went to the tabloids to trash talk the rapper?

Because she is starting her new world tour and needed to have lots of great free publicity to kick off. What’s more, she’s opening 10 new schools through her charity Raising Malawi and really needed the press to focus on her humanitarian good deeds to help the non-profit organization make more money.

But M.I.A. already knew all that when she agreed to the contract, so why did she do it?

The question then becomes whether the 36-year-old star celeb M.I.A., a relative newcomer to the celebrity scene deliberately tried to upstage the much better known Madonna, 52.

Did she figure a high-profile event like Super Bowl XLVI would give her the opportunity to show that she could be just as controversial as a pop music sensation as Madonna traditionally has been?

What’s more, do you think Madonna should be embarrassed or held liable for what the younger performer did to damage the Super Bowl reputation as a family show?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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Madonna embarrassed by M.I.A. Super Bowl scandal because it hurt charity


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