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Celebrity Friends: Deepak Chopra helping Demi Moore with celebrity rehab

February 10th, 2012 at 6:07 am by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

Actress Demi Moore is supposedly working to improve her overall health right now. Her reps claim she is exhausted and having health issues, but Hollywood insiders who are familiar with the star say she’s entered a celebrity rehab facility to get medical treatment for her eating disorder, drug addiction, alcohol abuse issues, and to help mend her broken heart. Any man or woman who has been through a similar scenario of being so deeply betrayed by a spouse knows and understands her pain. The culprit? Ashton Kutcher. Her savior? A spiritual healer. Deepak Chopra, the award-winning writer, is one of her celebrity friends and the rumor mills report he’s going out on a limb to try to save her…

Celebrity Friends: Deepak Chopra helping Demi Moore with celebrity rehab Deepak Chopra is a famous person who writes spiritual guide books and reflective journals. Offering the latest metaphysical advice to the rich and famous (as well as normal human beings on the path to enlightenment), he’s one of the most famously touted gurus to follow. He’s been at the top of the proverbial meta-babble food chain for decades — something people familiar with his work can say playfully with the utmost respect for the work he’s been doing. Allegedly, he is the man helping guide Hollywood actress Demi Moore through her drug and alcohol rehab as well as being the one trusted friend and confidant able to console her now that she has split from her husband Ashton Kutcher.

But who is Deepak Chopra?

Time Out Sydney writes, “To some he is a prophet; to others he’s a forward thinker; and then there are those that just think he is full of crap. Deepak Chopra may be guru to the stars – his followers include Demi Moore…” as well as many other big name stars. Sources say her spiritual guru has personally helped counsel Michael Jackson (the King of Pop) and even the Dalai Lama himself.

But, as sources note, “the jury is still out on whether he is merely a western vessel for eastern fantasy, or if he does actually have some answers up his sleeves.”

Connecting and healing the mind, body, and spirit is his specialty. As a motivational speaker and best-selling author he has the gift of goodwill gab, but can the famous spiritual guide to the stars really help heal the wound inflicted to Demi by Ashton when Kutcher so brazenly decided to cheat?

For his part helping heal the world [albeit for tremendous profit], the metaphysical guru Deepak Chopra has attracted a devoted following in Hollywood says People Magazine. Sharing quotes from him and about him from other entertainment news magazines, they shared their perspective about the faith-based guru. Bottom line, even if he is a bit trendy to follow as a spiritual guide, the wisdom he shares is (for the most part) quite good.

They revealed the celebrity secrets of his particular success with members of the A-List social circles in Hollywood as being a result of his success as a writer. Once star celebs read his books, they are oftentimes the ones who have enough cash to attend his workshops, spiritual retreats, and seminars. People writes:

“[Celebrities] call me after they read my books and come to my seminars,” Chopra, who counted Michael Jackson among his clients, once told Entertainment Weekly.

But “less than one percent of the attention is from Hollywood. Ninety-nine percent is from the general populace.”

It’s not surprising that Moore would turn to Chopra, who has authored more than 64 books on spirituality and healing. The actress and Chopra go way back; in 1996, she visited him in India. She has also served on the board of advisers to his healing center, which is located in Carlsbad, Calif., 90 minutes south of Los Angeles.

What do you think? Can Deepak Chopra really help Demi Moore pull herself together and maintain her celebrity status or will she burn out and fade away (only to become another sad celebrity life story)?

While Demi Moore has been struggling to pull herself together, her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher has been in Brazil partying and filming commercials. He used to dote on her but now it appears that he’s turned into a regular party boy since he very non-apologetically got caught cheating.

With rumor mill reports now claiming that Demi Moore was the cause for their split, blaming her erratic actions, drinking, and using drugs post-split seems mean. While things might not have been perfect in their relationship before the biggest blowup, she really seemed happy until the first cheating scandal happened — long before the Sarah Leal ordeal.

What’s more, he seems to be very in vogue right now as an A-List celebrity while she’s going to have to work ten times as hard as he does to succeed. He’s getting lots of attention from all sorts of women eager to take the place of wifey — or even to score a date night with his so they can be famous for a cosmic five minutes. What’s more, his television show producers have cleaned him up and his co-stars are so bloody terrified of losing him the way they lost Charlie Sheen that they will do anything right now to suck up to the misguided celebrity.

Yes, karma will bite him back eventually, but right now he’s on top of the world while she is hurting.

Can she recover? Will she learn to live without a man or will she do the foolish thing like American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez and start bouncing in and out of serious relationships with more young men?

The only thing Ashton Kutcher has done right in this sad and far too public situation is to cut ties with his mistress Sarah Leal. To that end, at least he has shown some compassion or remorse for what he did. He’s also visited her by her hospital bedside (although no one knows if the visit went well).

Right now, the only thing that is certain is that she is not having a fling with celebrity friend Deepak Chopra. And that’s a good thing, really. The author of books like The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success makes a much better mentor than he does a love interest — and right now, that sort of close personal friendship with another man is exactly what she needs so her heart and soul can start the process of healing.

Whether or not she will recover mentally, physically, and emotionally from the pain Ashton Kutcher has put her through like her buddy Kirstie Alley things she will remains to be seen. However, as one of the leading green celebrity power couples in the world, everyone is hoping that he will eventually wise up, stop womanizing, and will begin that long and difficult (but not impossible) task of making things right both with her and for her publicly.


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Celebrity Friends: Deepak Chopra helping Demi Moore with celebrity rehab


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