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The Situation on Jersey Shore gay rumors started by mad Snooki and JWoww

February 8th, 2012 at 11:30 pm by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Talk about your big gay rumors. Snooki and JWoww from the Jersey shore have been very clear in their intentions to start what we suspect they hope will be an embarrassing rumor about their least favorite reality TV co-star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. The two Guidettes say that Sitch is a closet homosexual. Why? Probably because the mean girls are angry at him for leaking a rumor to the press that little Nicole Polizzi is pregnant (even thought they have no proof that he’s the one who did it). Here’s why we think it is wrong for them to bully The Situation about his sexual orientation especially because of their self-proclaimed ties to Italian and Italian-American culture…

The Situation on Jersey Shore gay rumors started by mad Snooki and JWoww

Snooki and JWoww have started a rumor that Mike Sorrentino — the Jersey Shore reality television star nicknamed ‘The Situation‘ — is a homosexual. The two girls tried to out him during a celebrity interview with the Huffington Post this week. Why? Not for his best interest. They were actually trying to start a flurry of false rumors about him that they don’t realize he’ll never be able to overcome to get even for someone on the Jersey Shore cast or crew leaking fake rumors that Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) is pregnant. Her buddy JWoww (Jenni Farley) was sympathetic.

The move was a bad one for the Jersey Shore girls. While it will be painfully obvious to anyone who sees the girl during the next 9 months that she’s not pregnant and the mean-spirited rumors will fade, making an accusation that a man is a closet gay — whether it is true or false — creates a cloud of suspicion that will never go away. From this point forward, Mike will always have to defend himself, justify himself, and suffer other straight men who are homophobic keeping him at arms distance just in case.

If he really is in the closet or unsure about his sexuality, coming out because your angry co-workers are trying to humiliate you as a joke is simply awful. It shows no respect for The Situation as a human being, for his family, for his future love interests, or for the gay community.

Snooki claimed she found the bogus gossip reports that she’s pregnant highly offensive because — get this — she said that means someone out there thinks she looks fat. Since she just lost a ton of weight and continues to diet heavily while working out regularly to control her ever-widening short stature, it hurt her feelings. The two women have been trying to figure out ever since the story hit the tabloids which person in the house (cast or crew member) leaked the fake info to the tabs.

Snooki, let me say this… you can lose weight — but you can never diet and exercise away the gay.

Understandably, “Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is furious with his “Jersey Shore” castmates Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley for giving interviews to the Huffington Post and Reality Weekly hinting that he may be gay…” said the Chicago Sun Times. But their report totally glossed over the fact that they came right out and said he was gay. There was no hinting (like their title indicated) involved.

Since Mike and Snooki have a history of fooling around and he claimed she created on her current boyfriend Gianni with him, she’s been upset. Not only does Nicole deny that she strayed on her boyfriend, she has basically tried to sever her relationship ties with her co-star to avoid being accused of any future situation.

The good thing about Snooki talking about LGBT issues is that she admitted to being bi-sexual. But coming out for a girl in this day and age and admitting to kissing other girls is really no big deal. The problem is, gay men are shunned in Italian culture — something Snooki and JWoww have to be aware of both in America and after spending time in Italy. If the Sitch is gay and has kept his homosexuality a secret, it is likely to be because he wants to keep his good Catholic boy image in tact. Italians can accept a womanizer or a man who keeps mistresses on the side of a marriage without blinking an eye, but tell them a man has a same-sex partner and look out. Oh, brother!

Many Italian-American men will find a nice Italian and Catholic woman to settle down with and keep mistresses on the side throughout the duration of the marriage. Very often, people in the community will all know the man is a cheater, as he will oftentimes bring his mistress with him to meet friends out and about for social occasions. Why this practice is overlooked by other church members is dumbfounding. But men who are gay, Italian, and Catholic are not so open about their sideline love interests. Many spend their entire lives married to a woman who they keep at home full-time. Her role in the household is to cook, clean, and raise the children while trying to exercise and stay on her diet.

Typically, these men will make sure their wife never works outside of the home because if she did, she’d be more likely to find out that he’s a cheat. Kept in the dark, many of these women don’t find out about their husband’s philandering ways until they are past their prime or have (themselves) contracted an STD. By the, after spending years as a home maker, they are left with no discernible job skills, no advanced degrees that could make them more employable, and their children [and husband] are utterly incapable of tending to even the most rudimentary of household duties. Are we stereotyping here? You betcha — but there’s a reason for us being able to do our best Sarah Palin imitation. Because it is such a well-known cultural phenomenon not to make mention of it would be like ignoring an entire family of pink elephants jumping on the living room furniture.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has not taken any one woman as a love interest to date. He makes the round at the clubs and seems to have his way with as many women as he can. Because he makes such a big deal to put so many girls on display, his efforts to impress Jersey Shore fans with his machismo do seem somewhat disingenuous. He also went on Dancing With The Stars — where he did okay. Looking like he’s gay because he has some feminine gestures does not mean that’s the way his hormones swing, but he might end up leaving showbiz someday and want to have a real relationship someday. For that reason, the Sitch really ought to focus on being more respectful to all women and learning how to have more substantial relationships with male friends.

Mike is at a disadvantage because he did not grow up with a strong or positive male role model. He’s obviously got mother issues, as men who treat their ladies respectfully typically have a mother they love and respect, too. Mike’s missing that be good to women gene, as he treats girls as people to make fun of, use, and emotionally abuse. That does not make him abusive — but it does mean he could use a wake up call about how to treat other humans. If he’s gay and has latent resentment towards women or is a heterosexual but full-blown misogynist, he’s going to have problems in all his life’s relationships (not just in the love department).

So, to that end, the nasty verbal antics of the thoughtless girls from Jersey Shore have stirred up a whole flurry of issues that will have to be addressed every day of his life for their co-star. If you think someone thinking you are fat, ladies, is an embarrassing ordeal, having people see you for the mean girls that you are is a far worse stigma. JWoww and Snooki should issue an immediate retraction and apology now for trying to out someone who (before this) already had enough personal problems — long before facing being bullied about his sexual orientation.

Like the very real fact that he is likely to be in love with Nicole Polizzi. Like it or not, Snooki, your former GTL buddy Mike seems to fight with you simply because his feelings for you are not returned and that chump boyfriend Gianni is likely to want you to stay home and be his barefoot and pregnant fat little well-kept maid so he can go out on the side and pick up other girls. That’s certainly something to consider before you throw the kid under the bus so recklessly anymore. There are not enough apologies in the world to make this rumor mills scandal disappear and you have most likely changed his world forever.


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The Situation on Jersey Shore gay rumors started by mad Snooki and JWoww


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