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Demi Moore playing Where’s Waldo game, hiding out in drug rehab?

February 7th, 2012 at 9:43 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Actress Demi Moore was not checked into a Utah rehab facility for recovering addicts says TMZ, the celebrity gossip website which is surprisingly right about so many things. The Hollywood gossip websites are frantically reporting rumor mills news like it is truth that Ashton Kutcher’s ex has been under lock-down the past week with none other than Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller. Claiming they have been checked in under assumed names at a very hoitey-toitey drug treatment facility, the tabloids are claiming that they have not been spotted out on the grounds because — get this — they are hiding in rooms where very few people are allowed. Where’s Waldo (we mean the actress) now?

Demi Moore playing Wheres Waldo game, hiding out in drug rehab? Here’s why we think the entertainment news website TMZ might actually be right reporting that the rumors actress Demi Moore has been locked in a rehab facility in Utah with Charlie Sheen‘s ex-wife Brooke Mueller are wrong. The facility the women are allegedly together at (or have been at together for at least a week) specializes in treating their patients by having them work with horses as part of their therapy.

They also take patients for thrill rides in helicopters to get them the adrenaline rushes they are seeking.

Galloping on a horse or flying high at breakneck speeds in crazy locations like canyons and ravines definitely provides addicts a thrill — but to participate in the treatment program, the patients would need to be visible in public (making them more likely to be caught by long-range telephoto lenses or in aerial film.

TMZ reports:

There have been multiple reports by various outlets Demi Moore is getting treatment at the famous Cirque Lodge in Orem, Utah.

TMZ has confirmed with multiple sources familiar with the situation that Demi Moore is not at Cirque Lodge.

Moore has not been seen out in public ever since her whip-it induced medical emergency on January 23.

As TMZ previously reported, Moore had been partying with her daughter Rumor in Los Angeles … and had to be hospitalized. Her rep later said she was being treated for stress and exhaustion.

Where Demi Moore is no one is quite sure to date. She was checked into a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a seizure while partying with her daughter Rumer Willis. Rumer actually had to cal the police to have them protect her from overly aggressive paparazzi in California this week. The cops and the celebrity kid successfully dispatched the photogs — but the whole showdown was caught on film.

Her little sister Tallulah Willis also is being hounded by the press. The aggressive photogs are demanding to know where her sick mother is, whether or not she is a drug addict or alcoholic, and if she has an eating disorder is she anorexic or bulimic. Since Tallulah turned 18 during the middle of her famous mother’s rehab mess, the tabloids have been including her name and photos prominently in all their reports about the celebrity scandal mess.

While we here at GCN have been critical of Demi Moore for partying with her daughter Rumer Willis, bringing the celebrity kids (as innocent family members) into news reports by following them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while cat calling them is, in this website’s opinion, completely unethical.

While Demi Moore, her ex-husband Bruce Willis, and her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher are all Hollywood star celebs who the tabloids can justifiably follow, staking their children and doing their best to upset them so they can trick them into leaking their parent’s confidential information is deplorable.

To that end, wherever Demi Moore is — with or without Brooke Mueller — we wish her well. Rumor Willis and sister Tallulah will not see any of our reporters hiding out in their yards. And while Ashton Kutcher can still redeem himself depending on how he handles his relationship with Demi from this day forward, the only person involved in the Demi Moore Hospitalizalized scandal who does not deserve a moment’s peace or an ounce of free publicity is his “aspiring actress” mistress Sarah Leal.

When Sarah Leal dished dirt to a tabloid magazine so she could wreck the celebrity couple’s marriage intentionally — probably because Kutcher failed to call her after he used her for a one night stand like a hooker — she started the media firestorm. But it’s her moral failings as a woman who knowingly slept with a married man during his emotional crisis that has truly put a black karmic mark on her soul. The only way that woman is going to make any money off the Ashton Kutcher cheating scandal now is if she stars in adult movies and gets promoted by a smut film production company like Vivid.

It is even doubtful that Hugh Hefner would allow her to appear in a special feature for Playboy — not because she’s not pretty but because she represents what every man should avoid and every decent woman (married, single, or committed to a relationship with a love interest) abhors.


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Demi Moore playing Wheres Waldo game, hiding out in drug rehab?


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