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Celebrity Cars: Nicki Minaj drives Barbie pink Bentley, not Komen color?

February 7th, 2012 at 2:38 am by Cindy Meitle Leave a reply »

Nicki Minaj, the Trinidadian-born American singer performed live with Madonna during the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show. The talented and sweet charitable celeb lives large as a pop music star, rolling in her own sweet Bentley Continental GT. But wait! It’s no ordinary Bentley. It’s PINK! Barbie pink to be exact — not the pale pink Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation color (even though Minaj is one of their biggest celebrity supporters). Here’s all the celeb news and current events updates about the star and her cool new car…

Celebrity Cars: Nicki Minaj drives Barbie pink Bentley, not Komen color? As far as exotic cars go, Bentley automobiles have always been present among the most sophisticated cars on display at the world’s most elegant car events. The fashionable and glamorous cars have always been associated with the uber wealthy and affluent of our society, often driven by chauffeurs. But it was not until hip-hop pop music sensation Nicki Minaj, the fashion icon who is regularly compared to Lady Gaga and her celebrity friend Madonna, started driving her pink luxury car that the color has really started getting popular among car girls.

No doubt the $200,000.00 price tag has something to do with the fact that more often than not, the cars are being driven by motion picture and music celebrities as well as numerous pro athletes and each seems to find creative ways to personalize their vehicles. Now, we can add Nicki to the list of satisfied Bentley customers rolling in sweet and feminine self-expression.

The Bentley speaks volumes about her love for the color pink and completes her everyday ensemble which already includes pink hair and pink lips. Nikki drove the car she refers to as her “Barbie Bentley” to the 2011 Grammys where she was nominated for three Grammy’s including new artist and rap album. To no surprise, a necklace spelling out the name “Barbie” hung from her neck when she hit the red carpet.

No, she’s not blonde all the time like Barbie, but she does have a curvy figure that resembles the doll. Car guys would say her curves rival those any of the best driving roads in California offer as an entertaining scenic bypass to cruise for anybody.

Rumors were flying when the rap artist first appeared with the pink car and people couldn’t help but wonder if she purchased it from Paris Hilton who sported a similar pink Bentley early on. Paris is rumored to have moved on to red-Ferrari red and is enjoying her new four-wheeled Italian stallion. We hear she is researching organizations and plans to donate her pink car to one lucky charity to raise money to help fight breast cancer.

Now, Nicki Minaj — who really is a Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation supporter — has a pink car, but since their linked to Sarah Palin?” href=”” target=”_blank”>Planned Parenthood scandal her reps have been very clear that the car is the same color as the doll toys, not the pink ribbon color.

Reality television star Paris Hilton was one of the first female stars to drive one, a trendy looking pink Bentley Continental GT. The heiress had her vehicle customized in also a more subtle shade of pink long before Minaj was super popular in the music scene. But have no fear about getting the two cars mixed up if you see the star celebs driving themselves down the street. Hilton’s boasts having been bedazzled with lots of glittery genuine diamonds while Minaj drives one that’s just flat our Barbie Pink.

While the cars typically don’t get great gas mileage, they are driven so seldom that the stars cars don’t pollute much. But they do influence what other stars by when they are shopping for dream cars. To that end, any time a star considers driving a green car or simply using their exotic car to help them support charities (rather than driving them daily), they can make a positive step toward being glamorous but more eco-friendly.

The Bentley GT isn’t the only car we’ve seen Nicki in that comes with a high price tag (or that gets less than desirable fuel mileage). Bentleys typically get 12 miles per gallon when driving around town and 19 MPG on the highway.

While attending the 2010 Spring BET Awards, a member of the Unique Motorsports crew taught Minaj how to drive a sexy white Lamborghini Gallardo.

A Lambo Gallardo driver usually plans to get 12 MPG in town and 20 miles per gallon on the highway.

We’re wondering if Nicki Minaj drove her Barbie pink Bentley to the 2012 Superbowl where she and M.I.A. performed during the half time show with Madonna, dressed in her cheerleader attire.

Fans were no doubt expecting she and Madonna to have a Britney Spears moment and kiss in front of millions of viewers. Since the two ladies locked lips during the filming of their newest video collaboration, it seemed like a natural place for them both to break their contract with the NFL and do something wild, but no! They were not part of the scandal that’s rocking the reviews of the Super Bowl.

It was M.I.A. uttering the S-word and flipping the bird on live TV before the censors were able to bleep that has all the tounges wagging in Hollywood.

Well guess what, M.I.A? You might think you are cool for doing that but Nicki Minaj is a much cooler star — with a better car.

That’s why we’re sharing news about the star’s unique ride — because she did a great job during the live show, loves hot cars, and does so many good deeds for charity that she deserved to see her name in the headlines and re-tweets!

Cheers, Nicki… with love from your fans at Green Celebrity.


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Celebrity Cars: Nicki Minaj drives Barbie pink Bentley, not Komen color?


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