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Snooki from Jersey Shore offended by fake pregnancy news reports

February 1st, 2012 at 5:31 pm by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Little half-pint celebrity Snooki from the Jersey Shore seems to feel like she is being bullied by the tabloids Star Magazine and Radar Online specifically. The reality television star appeared to be truly hurt by news that the rumor mills sources had put out claiming that she is secretly pregnant. Why? The reports of her pregnancy are fake. Because she says she is not pregnant, such blatantly false news must mean they think she is fat — and that impression she’s left with them hurts. Most women in America or the UK understand that, as nothing is worse than having someone look at your belly fat and ask the dreaded question, “When are you due?” when the alleged baby on board is not that.

Snooki from Jersey Shore offended by fake pregnancy news reports Gossip Cop reported Star magazine and RadarOnline claimed Snooki from the Jersey Shore is knocked up and that the rumor is false. According to the fake news reports, “She and beau Jionni LaValle are supposedly expecting their first child”. The outlet source is a so-called “insider”. According to Snooki and her best friend JWoww it is a bogus news report someone wrote to make money off them while throwing around an insult that hurts.

Is Snooki pregnant?

The celebrity gossip verification website reported on the scandal, explaining:

[They are] saying that Snooki “is pregnant and has only told her closest friends and some family.”

“Snooki has been wanting to get married and have babies for a while,” adds the Star source. “So this is perfect.”

When asked about it on “Opie & Anthony” on Wednesday, Snooki slammed the report.

When you listed to the audio tape of Snooki hearing the “news” she’s pregnant from random radio talk show hosts, you can audibly hear the stress in her voice. Her friend Jwoww jumped in to lend moral support claiming the tabloids had said she was pregnant, too.

But it was not the baby rumor that upset her the most. It was why someone would think she looks pregnant.

The only reason she could think of was that someone thinks she’s got a fat belly. Since she’s been on a major diet lately and has really been promoting health and fitness, she was truly upset by the thought of it.

It was kind of sad to hear — not because of the shallowness of her concern but because the star has done everything in her power to change her diet and fitness routine. She just lost a ton of weight and looks (hard to admit) pretty great right now.

Hear the audio clip of Snooki denying she is pregnant over on Gossip Cop here.

Once has to worry that because of these mean-spirited news reports if Snooki will start to take dieting to an extreme in an effort to stop people from saying she’s fat. Snooki — if you read this… DON’T.

While your lifestyle leaves a great deal to be desired, your new figure is thin enough. You don’t look fat anymore. And, if you quit drinking, took yourself more seriously, tried to go back to school to get a degree in business or marketing, and made more special guest appearances at charity benefits to help them throw parties and make money then you would have 100% of this writer’s support.

But for now, the support you do have is to stay healthy and get happy. Losing more weight at this point would be as unhealthy as packing back on all the pounds — probably worse because you’d run the risk of becoming anorexic. Since most women’s greatest weight fear seems to be that having a fat tummy might lead people to think they are pregnant when they are not, your body image worries and self-esteem are perfectly normal. But it’s important not to let what other people think about who you are and what you weigh consume you.

As for the press leak, our guess is since two tabloids claim to have talked to an insider that it might be time to check your friends and enemies list among the cast and crew. Who would stand to gain the most emotionally (rather than financially) by leaking news about Gianni and you? Cyber bullying — or bullying famous people by manipulating the media — is tough to endure… but staying clear about your own life path and sticking to confirming or denying what is true is undoubtedly the best course of action for you.

Cheers to you for losing weight and to JWoww for quitting smoking, too.


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Snooki from Jersey Shore offended by fake pregnancy news reports


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