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Did Kelly Preston really make John Travolta give up his airplane?

February 1st, 2012 at 6:56 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are having marriage trouble and she’s demanding he give up flying and get rid of his airplanes. That’s the rumor mills spin on the television actor turned movie star that started circulating the first week of February in 2012. But what started the celebrity gossip reports that his family was about to break up or that his supermodel wife was acting irrationally? Believe it or not, the rumors seem to have started when the actor did something nice for a non-profit organization and the tabloids spun his good deed for charity negatively.

Did Kelly Preston really make John Travolta give up his airplane? John Travolta is (allegedly) keeping a secret that his marriage is in real trouble, but before you are too quick to believe the hype you might want to understand the source of the rumors. The National Enquirer is reporting that his wife Kelly Preston is about ready to give him the boot because he keeps jetting off with his celebrity friends and leaving her stuck taking care of their toddler and young daughter alone. They say the reason the actor just gave up one of his airplanes was because of his wife’s seemingly excessive demands. But was their “why” interpretation of the fact he just got rid of a jet correct?

Since the celebrity couple went through the death of a child already, it’s easy to understand emotionally why she would not want him to be far away from the family.

Their son Jett fell and hit his head during an epileptic seizure while the famous family was staying at their island vacation home in the Bahamas. Unable to revive him, they endured the unthinkable. His passing left their marriage in trouble, the family structure between them and their daughter weak, and the parents individually suffering immense grief.

The tabloid reports say, “Kelly, 49, has bent over backward to keep John happy during their 20-year marriage, but with their miracle baby Ben now a rambunctious year-old tod

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Did Kelly Preston really make John Travolta give up his airplane?


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