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Demi Moore hospitalized, celebrity friends implicated in substance abuse

January 24th, 2012 at 8:37 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Demi Moore’s staff has confirmed that the skinny actress has been hospitalized, but they claim it is for her overall wellness (not necessarily for substance abuse). Considering all that she’s been through lately while dealing with his cheating scandal, wanting to emotionally escape her environment by using drugs and alcohol makes sense — but was she using long before the split? Did partying on the down low with gal pals like Jennifer Aniston negatively impact her relationship with Ashton Kutcher?

Demi Moore hospitalized, celebrity friends implicated in substance abuse Hollywood insider Bonnie Fuller from Hollywood Life is one sharp cookie. Her website staff regularly reports on breaking news in tinsel town in a way that is smart and oftentimes funny. In a breaking news report about actress Demi Moore, the website writers make the startling claim that the estranged wife of Ashton Kutcher may have been hospitalized for substance abuse issues. But, they did so in a way that was politically correct — but our Hollywood insiders who work and play in Hollywood social circles have not been so delicate discussing the issue with us.

The celebrity gossip site Hollywood Life reported on the rumors Demi Moore is currently a hot mess and gently confirmed her hospitalization by saying:

This is not the kind of news we like to hear. Demi Moore is reportedly being placed in a facility to receive treatment for substance abuse, after being rushed to the hospital in Los Angeles at 10:45 p.m. Jan. 23, reports TMZ.

A 911 call was placed last night and paramedics went to the 49-year-old actress’s home, where they decided to take her to the hospital.

“Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health,” Demi’s rep said in a statement released to

“She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends.”

Hearing that the news she has been hospitalized is true directly from their reps, the entertainment news source handled discussing the star’s celebrity health issues politely.

Our sources were not so delicate.

In fact, the big question behind the scenes seemed to be what led to her alleged substance addictions blossoming?

[If substance abuse is really what she is being treated for at all -- not suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, or her potential anorexia that fans have been deeply concerned she has suffered with for over a year now.]

Oddly enough, her romance with the Dude, Where’s My Car classic celebrity stoner movie was never mentioned. Instead, her celebrity friends (as those in her closest social circle) were cited as the ones to blame.

One sharp theory stands out — in the past few years she’s been spending a lot of time working on film projects with a group of women and all (at one time or another) have bragged they had a great time together. Filming, for them, seems to have been more like one big party.

To point fingers more directly, Demi Moore recently partnered up on a film project with actress Jennifer Aniston. The good pal of late night talk show host Chelsea Handler and Courtney Cox is a well-known pot smoker who drinks heavily. For that reason alone, one has to wonder if Demi hanging out with young Jen and her partying friends was perhaps a bad decision for the otherwise reputable and socially responsible celebrity.

And that’s just what other Hollywood insiders are doing.

“The movie Five was made to promote breast cancer awareness, but now the headlines about their charity benefit project are going to end up being all about Demi’s substance abuse…” said one source [who wished to remain anonymous because she regularly volunteers with breast cancer charities.]

“It’s rather disgusting to think it is going to end up that way (if you care at all about the cause the girls were promoting).”

Even though (to Aniston’s credit) the star claims she has been easing off on the partying since moving in with Justin Theroux and to have been, “Quitting smoking” (cigarettes and we know not what), she was still full-bore for quite a while when they were developing their joint venture film.

Since Demi Moore’s staff has not directly denied she has substance abuse issues, her movie co-stars lifestyles are now under evaluation. Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, Patricia Clarkson, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Rosario Dawson and Ginnifer Goodwin are now suspected of being party girls (to one degree or another).

Five was an anthology of five short films blended into one picture for the Lifetime Channel. The moving film that featured so many green celebrities and famous humanitarians aired during Breast Cancer Awareness Month back in October of 2011.

What are your thoughts? Were her celebrity friends involved with promoting Demi Moore to partake in secret of the private party lifestyle?

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Demi Moore hospitalized, celebrity friends implicated in substance abuse


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