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Why should Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively break up?

January 23rd, 2012 at 7:08 pm by Kelly Green Leave a reply »

It’s 2012 and actor Ryan Reynolds is still dating his Green Lantern movie co-star Blake Lively. While on the surface, these two star celebs might have a lot in common besides being blonde and gorgeous, there is actually a lot of dark green secrets between the pair. For one thing, was the Gossip Girl television series starlet really the cause of his divorce? Although rumor mill reports suggested it was Scarlett Johansson that might have been the one interested in fooling around with other hot actors like Sean Penn (an older and more worldly Hollywood star who is known for having been married to sexually wild pop music singer Madonna), infidelity rumors and claims the celebrity couple grew apart for some mysterious reason (like his saucy movie co-star coming on to him) plagued the pair. Now that he’s divorced, she and she are spending all their time together. Has their romance been good for him or should they split?

Why should Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively break up? Green Lantern movie co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are still a celebrity couple.

Starting 2012 out strong, the lovebirds were spotted getting cozy with one another in NOLA. While some rumor mills reports note that New Orleans is the city where the two filmed the super hero movie and are rumored to have first hooked up on set, only a few people realize that before the Gossip Girl starlet entered the picture, the Van Wilder star had just purchased a historic home in New Orleans with his now ex-wife Scarlett Johansson and done a complete green remodeling job on it.

Him bringing her to town on a vacation is not necessarily where they are reminiscing as it is his effort to bring her to his home and for the two celebrities to nestle in away from crazy New York or Hollywood press.

For instance, Access Hollywood shared a news update about the green celebs (sadly without any reference to his eco-friendly activism or her humanitarian causes), saying only the following:

In more star couple news, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds appear to be going strong. According to People, “The Green Lantern” co-stars were spotted this weekend in New Orleans, the location where they filmed their superhero movie.

“They seemed to want their privacy and sat close together in a corner of the store while they were eating and talking,” an eyewitness, who saw the pair at the Creole Creamery, told the mag.

“They did leave the store holding hands, though – super sweet!”

But what we think is super sweet about Ryan Reynolds is the Canadian’s dedication to reducing pollution in North America by living a green lifestyle and using his star power to advocate for the use of clean energy technology.

In addition, Blake Lively seemed to have a few bright green celebrity ideas of her own — probably in part thanks to her romance with actor Leonardo DiCaprio during the time Ryan Reynolds was sorting his divorce details out. She’s actually started to show an interest in helping out humanitarian charity causes. For instance, she designed a t-shirt logo and donates sales proceeds to help natural disaster victims.

As for rumors Ryan Reynolds has eyes for older actress Sandra Bullock (who lives with her son Louis in New Orleans very close to Uncle Ryan), she does not seem to be bothered by the fact he’s so obviously hooking up with Blake Lively. But, there are not a lot of stories floating around out there that she’s been going out of her way to get to know his new girlfriend.

In fact, Sandra Bullock is actually close friends with Scarlett Johansson.

She survives a nude photo scandal in 2011 in the months following her divorce from Reynolds. Allegedly, her cell phone pictures were stolen off her camera and sent to the tabloids — who promptly leaked her pretty personal pics onto the internet. However, no one was ever quite certain if she took the photos to send to her ex Ryan or if they were intended for her on again off again older boyfriend Sean Penn — who has been spending most of his time living in Haiti.

On a related side note, as a green celebrity Penn (who was once married to Madonna) has been personally volunteering to help provide natural disaster relief to the earthquake victims of Haiti. A real life superhero, Sean Penn dating Scarlett Johansson was never really talked about by Ryan Reynolds. However, him running off with Blake Lively after rumors were that she caused his divorce has to sting ScarJo’s ego a bit.

Why should Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively break up? For that reason, and that reason alone, a rumor mills report that he’d been holding hands with someone other than her would have been a better news report — but hearts know which hands they would most like to hold. Even though one hopes he’d find love and romance with a “neutral” girl, the star celebs should not have to break up to appease the press or Scar Jo if they are really, truly in love.

But if he is only dating Blake Lively because she’s the woman he cheated on his wife with and he feels guilty about it now, he needs to show both women enough respect to say goodbye now — not keep bringing her to NOLA to stay with him at his celebrity home.

In the Deep South, leaving your wife and shacking up with your accused mistress (in the eyes of high society) is just bad form. Has their romance been good for him or should they split? If their success with the promotion of the movie Green Lantern is any indication of how people perceive them, then the two star celebs playing footsies on set might have been a partial reason why movie ticket sales were the pits. Besides that, anytime we see pictures of the man once voted People’s Sexiest Man of the Year, his eyes always look haunted now — not happy.

What do you think… is he making a good decision by dating his alleged mistress turned re-bound girl Blake Lively? Let other readers know your thoughts in the Facebook comments section below.


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Why should Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively break up?


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