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Jennifer Aniston might MIGHT be pregnant but will she be a good mother?

January 22nd, 2012 at 11:55 pm by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Lordy, lordy — she’s over forty and unless our eyes deceive Jennifer Aniston is about to confirm the baby bump is in fact not due to her fighting the battle of the middle-aged bulge. It certainly looks like the former Friends actress has a baby on board! Take a look for yourself… does she look pregnant? Inside sources are suggesting that a pregnancy announcement is expected within the next two to three weeks as Aniston (who has already admitted to quitting smoking, slowing down on the partying, and has been living with boyfriend Justin Theroux) embraces what she says is time away from her Hollywood career. Rumor mills reports are going viral that she’s about to be a celebrity mom, but do you think simply getting pregnant will make her a good mother? Here’s the reason why we’re not sure…

Jennifer Aniston might MIGHT be pregnant but will she be a good mother?  Actress Jennifer Aniston is either pregnant or smuggling muffins under her oversized jackets. Yes, that’s right… we said it. Jenn Jenn (who is a nice lady probably but has never been our favorite star celeb to follow because 99% of the time the only news about her is which side of her body she’s been photographed while laying on while tanning at a luxury resort on vacation) does not look like she should be stuffing herself into a bikini swimsuit right now.

The Stir at Cafe Mom nailed it when they said that the rumor mills reports that the A-List B-Movie actress and former Friends television show star really does look preggers in a picture taken recently. She seems to have an obvious baby bump (or a bag of New York bagels under her winter clothes, keeping them fresh while being transported to her celebrity home). While we doubt she’s as far along as some celeb gossip sites say, pregnant by a few month is a definite maybe. But to know for sure fans will have to wait and see.

They write:

Of course, it’s just a rumor — like they always are — but word on the street is, Jennifer Aniston is six months pregnant. Now, I’m not one to typically fall for tabloid fodder like this, but I’ve got to admit, this time it’s really convincing.

The actress, who, come to think of it, has been keeping really low-pro lately, turned up for a screening for HBO’s Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory recently looking, well, really pregnant.

Apparently, she kept her over-sized coat on the entire night, and if you’ll look at the handy-dandy photo to your left, her midsection does sort of look … buldgy.

And not in a post-holiday, too-many-sugar cookies kind of way. In a holy-s**t-Jennifer-Aniston-is-totally-pregnant kind of way. Could the moment we’ve all been waiting for have finally arrived?

Their remarks about Jennifer Aniston had us all laughing here at the office, and seeing the pic of her in the oversized coat (above) nearly had us rolling on the floor recycling giggles.

So what do you think? Is Jennifer Aniston finally knocked up by her new boyfriend Justin Theroux? After all, she is past 40 years old now so she’s either been gaining weight as her body changes due to age, has been eating way too many donuts while in the process of giving up cigarettes and (we think quite possibly) marijuana smoke, or that girl has a baby on board.

While any picture can be photoshopped nowadays to make anyone look pretty or gross, hearing from eyewitness accounts that Jennifer Aniston is packing on pounds in such a way that she looks like she has a baby bump has been surprising to us.


Because Jen Aniston has never seemed like a particularly maternal person to us. After all, she refused to have children with actor Brad Pitt — upsetting him to the point that he filed for divorce.

And, while she has visited and helped sponsor an orphanage in Mexico that is located near where she typically vacations at a luxury beach resort, she was never emotionally moved enough to adopt a child — or even bring one home to foster care. Instead, she’s adopted dogs that she’s pampered arguable more than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have their own children. She even got a big tattoo of her dog’s name when he died. Yep — not a love quote tattoo for a lover or with the name of a child but one that says Norman on her foot.

Jennifer Aniston might MIGHT be pregnant but will she be a good mother?  So, if she is going to have a baby, one has to wonder how she will ever be able to make an extreme lifestyle adjustment. Not only will she have to give up time at the gym and doing yoga, she won’t be able to spend long days baking in the sun at the beach or being pampered at the spa.

Well, technically she won’t have to give up her recreational pursuits (including getting high or drinking with late night talk show host Chelsea Handler). She has enough money to have a child and have the nannies do all the child rearing. Plus, the positive press she would get from occasionally having her press camp leak to the paparazzi where she will be with the baby on her hip could totally pay for a huge staff of housekeepers, babysitters, private tutors, and even a dog walker.

That girl, though she has it all, simply does not use her star power wisely or to her full potential. The Jennifer Aniston we like best is the one who helps out sick children by giving her celebrity endorsement to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

So, if she is pregnant, one hopes that (for the sake of the child) Jennifer Aniston learns to be more empathetic, less vain, and far more maternal.

But that’s just my thoughts. Jennifer Aniston fans are extremely loyal and absolutely love the girl.

What do you think Jennifer Aniston will be like as a mother? Share your thoughts about whether the celebrity mom will parent more like Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, or Joan Crawford.


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Jennifer Aniston might MIGHT be pregnant but will she be a good mother?


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