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Taylor Swift not dating Disney prince Zac Efron (but she should)

January 20th, 2012 at 12:24 am by Kelly Green Leave a reply »

Green celebrity Taylor Swift is one of the kindest and most thoughtful star celebs out there. She has done loads of charity benefit work for eco-friendly and humanitarian causes. She is pet-friendly and we’ve absolutely loved seeing her post cute pics of her new kitten that goes on tour with her. But, she has been unlucky in love. Her past romances with Twilight werewolf Taylor Swift (go Team Jacob) and Jake Gyllenhaal (the older actor who heated up the desert in his movie scenes playing in the Prince of Persia) both fizzled fairly quick. But there is a new rumor that she and Zac Efron might be dating. Here’s why we think the two star celebs would make a great Hollywood romance click!

Taylor Swift not dating Disney prince Zac Efron (but she should)  Taylor Swift is not dating Zac Efron (but she should). Wet Paint was just one of the celebrity gossip websites to point out that just because Swift and the Disney prince were spotted out having a bite to eat together that it does not mean we’ll get to hear a song about their breakup anytime soon.

Taylor has just recently admitted tot he press that she spent Christmas of 2010 crying about her break-up with super hot actor Jake Gyllenhaal — who also starred in a Disney backed flick. Finally able to spend the holiday in 2011 drama free (because she is not involved romantically with anybody) seems like it has been good for her. At least she is starting to take an interest in spending time with cute boys once again!

Wet Paint shares:

Country-crooning Cover Girl Taylor Swift and dreamy Disney dude Zac Efron were spotted enjoying a meal together on January 6 at L.A.’s Pace, according to Us Weekly. Naturally this must mean that they’re dating, right? Not so fast, ‘shippers!

Though the pair HAVE publicly praised each other in the past — Zac calling Taylor a “lovely girl, very beautiful”; Taylor saying Z is an “all-around amazing guy” — sources say that they were just doing press for their newest film, Dr. Suess’ The Lorax, and decided to grab an innocent bite to eat after.

After all, she cleaned up winning awards as best country music performer, had all kinds of fun on tour, and has been doing well with her beauty products endorsements for Cover Girl. She’s never indicated once that she misses Taylor Lautner (the Twilight actor she dated) or regretted their break up. Since she is such a busy girl, keeping up with a relationship the past year would have been hard on her.

But dearest Taylor Swift, if handsome High School Musical and Hairspray hunk Zac Efron ever does man up, drop his crush on brunette Disney princess Vanessa Hudgens (who he was very involved with for several years), and decides he’s finally interested in blondes YOU BETTER SAY YES TO A DATE WITH HIM.


Because, while his hotness is an obvious factor in the equation, his lifestyle seems to be one you and he would be more compatible with…

First of all, he seems to be capable of a long-term relationship. He committed to Vanessa Hudgens for a long time and since their celebrity split he has not gone crazy dating every starlet out there that is interested in him. With Zac, the only baggage comes with the fact that he might have lingering feelings for his ex-girlfriend (and that Miley Cyrus allegedly keeps trying her best to hook up with him). He is not a wild party guy and seems to have his head screwed on his gorgeous shoulders tight. Mannerly, gentlemanly, intelligent, and with the twinkle in his eye that can beat any sprite, he looks like the kind of man that would be hard to stay mad at for long if you two ever did get in a fight.

Second, he has enough money and career success himself already that you would not have to foot the bill all the time on a date with him. While Taylor has made enough money to cover the bills for she and a life partner probably indefinitely, dating someone with their own financial resources is prudent. Why? Because we still live in an unfair, oftentimes misogynistic society, it stops arguments. If a man has his own money, he can take care of himself. If he has a lot of money, he can take care of his woman. If she has more money than he does and he has none, then critics will call him a sponge. If She has more money than he does but he contributes to their relationship for his own care and buying gift items for her — while she foots the bill perhaps for a bigger house and more lavish trips — then she can feel good about helping pay her own way and making a better life for both of them while he can still feel proud of himself that he’s able to woo and take care of his girl.

Lastly, Zac Efron is a very cool, charitable celeb. He shaved his head for charity and donated his hair to Locks Of Love. He routinely uses his star power wisely to support humanitarian efforts around the world. He’s given his celebrity endorsement to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help grant wishes to sick and dying children, has helped out the homeless with Habitat For Humanity, and brought attention to the charity causes of Music for Relief (a group helping bring power supplies to families and children in third world countries).

Since he’s such an eligible bachelor but does not seem to be the type of guy to play around, chances are getting him interested in you to begin with as a serious girl who is potentially girlfriend material will be the hardest job of all. While taking the friendly co-worker approach is all good, making some sort of move off set to let him know that should he ever ask you out on a date that it might be fun if you are still available might be the smart way to go.

To that end, it was nice to see your names hooked up together in the celebrity dating headlines… because even if you are not dating yet, you two sweetheart celebs would have the approval of the celebrity gossip world for sure!

His only drawback?

He’s a little short.

Pretend you are Nicole Kidman (married now to Keith Urban) or Katie Holmes (the new wife of Tom Cruise), wear your high heels anyways, and learn to get over it. Looks are not everything and what’s more important in life is finding that special someone with whom your everyday lifestyle and moral values are compatible.

And to Zac? Stay away from Miley Cyrus (just a word from the wise). Hurry up and ask out that darling girl!


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Taylor Swift not dating Disney prince Zac Efron (but she should)


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