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Snooki without makeup, Sammi without makeup, Jwoww with no makeup (OOPS)

January 20th, 2012 at 4:21 pm by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

New photos hit the net last week of Snooki from the Jersey Shore without makeup, making a new trend in internet searches to look for photos of all the girls from the hit MTV reality show minus their Jerseylicious-inspired beauty products. Just a few weeks ago, Sammi Giancola did a photo shoot without makeup and got really positive results for showing off her natural beauty looks. Snooki without makeup also looked really cute. But what about JWoww — the hottest bod of them all? We found a pic of the cast member without her makeup on, and while she was sitting posed and smiling, her results were not as good. OOPS! Here’s the scoop…

Snooki without makeup, Sammi without makeup, Jwoww with no makeup (OOPS) Because inquiring minds want to know. First we ran a story about MTV reality show cast member Sammi Giancola (a.k.a. Sammi the Sweetheart) taking off all the makeup and going without the spray tan to do a photo shoot all natural. Then, we told you that new pics had shown up on Twitter (and Facebook, by the way) that showed Snooki without makeup [Nicole Polizzi]. Now, for posterity we bring you photos of JWoww without makeup — with a warning. While the pics of Sammi revealed a much younger looking a prettier girl and the photo of Snooki revealed what looked to be a more girlie and less drag queen looking young woman, the pics of JWoww with no makeup (Jenni Farley) on are not as good.

You can check out the photos of Sammi without makeup by reading here. She took on a fashion photo shoot challenge to help promote natural beauty and she did good. When she removed the false eyelash extensions and scrubbed off the 18 layers of night club war paint she really was a pretty girl.

Sammi got such a great response from doing the photo shoot that it seems as if she inspired Snooki [little 4 foot nothing Nicole Polizzi] to tweet photos of herself — not in the buff but with her face nude. You can see photos of Snooki without makeup here. Despite the duck lips photo pose, she too looked much younger. She also looks far more like a girl when she’s not wearing all that goo. Snooki is getting big praise from everyone right now because she has been on a celebrity diet. Having lost a lot of weight and getting back down to a healthy body mass index that is more proportionate to her height, she is the new reality TV version of the music world’s Jennifer Hudson.

That’s what got us wondering what JWoww (who also has been working out and trimming down lately) looks like without all that makeup. We know she looked fantastic in a bikini on the cover of a mens magazine where she was promoting her new line of bikinis and bathing suits for girls. [Yes, we thought a womans health magazine would have been a better place for her to pose and show off her trim physique, but what can we say? We just read and report on celebrity gossip and entertainment news.]

But what about seeing JWoww without makeup? Why isn’t she promoting the natural beauty movement the same way the other girls have these past few weeks? It was that question that made us sleuth… and what we found out was not good. Jenni has been losing weight and working out lately. While her body looks great, years of hard partying and tanning seem to have negatively affected her face.

Jenni Farley is the only one of the three girls who looks much older without her makeup on. What’s more, she is far more pretty when she’s all glammed up with Jerseylicious style goop.

Perhaps that is why she does so much better on camera — because she has a photographic face due to subtle differences in her bone structure from the other Guidettes but when you get a chance to see her in person or really look up close you shudder, back away, and say EW.

Granted, we might be over exaggerating that claim, but her over-plucked eyebrows left us in shock. More shock that she herself looks without the false eyelashes that help her looks improves.

So, the moral of the story is not only that two out of three ain’t bad odds if you meet up with the women of Jersey Shore at some night club while your beer goggles are clouding judgement. It is also that you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Perhaps Sammi being so pretty when she is just herself is what Ronnie Ortiz-Magro saw in her all these years. It also explains Mike ‘the Situation’ Sorrentino’s bizarre fascination with Snooki all these years, too.

Check out more pics of all the Jersey Shore girls without makeup over on Wet Paint. They say, “They may rock a lot of makeup at the clubs, but these girls know how to go natural sometimes too. Check out the Jersey Shore chicks looking fresh-faced sans all the bronzer and mascara!” It really is quite shocking to see them all not dolled up this way.

Nicole ‘Snooki‘ Polizzi and Jenni ‘JWoww‘ Farley from “Jersey Shore” recently appeared as guests on the entertainment news show “Extra” with former Dancing With The Stars contestant Mario Lopez at the Grove in Los Angeles, but it was actually Paul Delvecchio (a.k.a. DJ Pauly D) attended the ‘Hilarity For Charity’ benefit held at Vibiana Los Angeles on January 13th. It was a fundraiser hosted by actor Seth Rogan (who we still like best for doing the voice of Bob the Blob in the animated 3D movie Monsters vs. Aliens with star celebs Reese Witherspoon and Stephen Colbert). Hopefully all three of the girls will do something equally interesting and humanitarian in nature with their ill-begotten star power in the near future. That is, once they finish primping and all their GTL routines of course…



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Snooki without makeup, Sammi without makeup, Jwoww with no makeup (OOPS)


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