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Jennifer Aniston giving dating advice to Taylor Swift while playing mom?

January 20th, 2012 at 6:59 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Actress Jennifer Aniston has had her share of relationships. The television star turned starlet has dated what seems like all the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood since her widely publicized split with actor Brad Pitt. Now in her 40s, she met a man named Justin Theroux and wasted no time helping him make the decision to walk out on the woman he had lived with for a rumored 7 years (happily) before he met her. The two are now living together in unmarried bliss, spending long days at the spa, baking in the sun like pot brownies on the beaches of Mexico, or taking expensive ski trips when they need to chill. Now, she’s allegedly playing mom and trying to give singer Taylor Swift dating advice. What gives?

Jennifer Aniston giving dating advice to Taylor Swift while playing mom? Since it took her so long to find the man she thinks is the perfect guy, middle-aged and still childless Jennifer Aniston allegedly hunted down country music singer Taylor Swift recently to offer her love advice about how to be successful as a single girl. But the entertainment news story seems totally suspicious. Did Jennifer Aniston really try to play mom and give Taylor Swift love advice?

While the headline might read well for SEO, it seems like someone from Jennifer Aniston’s press camp might have leaked or planted the rumor (as an anonymous source) so Aniston could capitalize on the free press by having her name tied with the famous girl.

Taylor Swift, as the new single girl model for Hollywood starlets to emulate and follow, has dated some pretty hot guys in her life. She’s only half the age of Jennifer Aniston but she’s managed to have flings with several young movie stars nearly everybody likes.

Her first big dating coup was landing Twilight teen scene celebrity Taylor Lautner. The two spent time together for a few months but broke up amidst rumors they had no chemistry together. Since they broke up, rumor mills have continued to report Taylor Lautner is gay and that his real love is actor Robert Pattinson. However. the star celebs (all three of them) deny it and actress Kristen Stewart (who is still allegedly dating Robert Pattinson) does not seem to be bothered by it.

She also had a brief romance with an older man — actor Jake Gyllenhaal. While people love Taylor Swift and they also love Jake, they did not love the idea of the two of them dating. After all, he’d already been involved with several very adult live-in love relationships and had recently split from Gen X actress Reese Witherspoon. Taylor, on the other hand, was barely out of high school. While both of them might have had chemistry, fans joking that he was a cradle robber did not do the two of them any good. So, by Christmas of 2010 (which she just admitted after the holidays in 2011 that she had spent mostly crying), the two lovebirds split.

Now, Taylor Swift says she is happy not dating anybody. But, she also was just spotted out on a platonic dinner date with Disney prince actor Zac Efron (the ex-boyfriend of Disney princess actress Vanessa Hudgens). That celebrity sighting has her name in the tabloid press related to rumors about Valentine’s Day, love, and romance.

That’s why a new rumor that Jennifer Aniston (who may or may not have even met Taylor Swift) is her love guru sounds so suspicious. Gossip Cop and Perez Hilton both seemed skeptical that the inside source was telling the truth about Jen Jen seeking out the country music singer to give her pointers about how to maximize her dating time fun while searching for the perfect dude.

They write:

The facts-challenged blogger breathlessly posted a story about Jennifer Aniston giving Taylor Swift “love advice” at last week’s People’s Choice Awards.

Perez says Aniston told Swift to “hang in there” and that “everything is gonna be okay.”

“They’ve reportedly never met before, but the source says Jen just had to tell her since she knows about it from experience,” explains the blogger.

He adds, “Hmm… inneresting… we’re not sure if we buy this or not…”


Perez isn’t sure if he “buys” this story?

Gossip Cop, we agree with both Perez Hilton and you. The story Jennifer Aniston would go out of her way to play mom to a celebrity she only tangentially knows seems more like a fake headline at best or at worst a highly contrived publicity leak to help make the older star looks more maternal.

After all, since she is old enough to be Taylor Swift’s mother but has no children of her own, it would seem likely she would have wisdom about life and love to share with the young girl. But since Swift is so wholesome and Aniston’s private reputation has been so blighted by her friendship with known party girl Chelsea Handler, having her name tied with the singer only helps Aniston while hurting the pristine image of Taylor.

[Jennifer Aniston has been known to smoke cigarettes, drink heavily, has had sex with lots of men, and spends most of her day stoned. Free time is devoted to working on her tan, getting massages and facials, and shopping for her. While there is noting wrong with smoking marijuana for its health benefits, when it becomes a habit that keeps you laying on a beach baking in the sun or at home 24/7 on the couch, it's not a healthy habit or lifestyle to promote. Granted, Jen says she quit smoking tobacco (which has coincided with pregnancy rumors), but Taylor Swift is not a wild girl. She does not party, doesn't sleep around, and spends most of her free time doing charity work.]

So, to that end — before the rumors are accepted as true celebrity gossip — its our hope that people realize Taylor Swift (who is the celebrity who sponsors a new line of green beauty products for the makeup company Cover Girl) is not looking at Jennifer Aniston as a role model. Even though both women are pet friendly, they do not hang out.

We hope.

But the good news is that the source of the story seems to be a fake news report about Taylor swift and Jennifer Aniston from last year’s People’s Choice Awards. Yep — the rumor started back in 2011 when the two women attended the same event. The story that Aniston and Swift were palling around at the 2012 People’s Choice Awards where she got the advice are totally false. But still, good news headlines for Aniston all over again. A proverbial double dip of free press in the Hollywood gossip world!



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Jennifer Aniston giving dating advice to Taylor Swift while playing mom?


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