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Snooki from MTV reality TV show Jersey Shore without makeup looks pretty

January 19th, 2012 at 1:10 am by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Nicole Polizzi (Snooki from the MTV reality show Jersey Shore) has done the unthinkable. She tweeted out a girlie-looking photo of herself without the spray tan, eyelash extensions, or makeup. The surprising publicity move came after friend Sammi stripped the Jerseylicious spunk off her face to do an all-natural photo shoot for a magazine. Since Sam got so much positive attention and praise for taking a risk and showing fans her real face, it looks as if little Snooki [who also just lost a bunch of weight] got brave.

Snooki from MTV reality TV show Jersey Shore without makeup looks pretty Okay, this is really hard to be a guy and admit but Snooki from the reality television Jersey Shore with no makeup looks more like a natural beauty than a drag queen. For real. The half-pint celebrity actually tweeted a photo of herself in the buff — and by that I don’t mean nude. I mean with no make-up. Take away the ridiculous hair that always looks like she has added in crappy extensions, peel off the fifteen layers of spray tan, and chip away the war paint after you chisel off the liquid eye liner that is normally caked on those eyelash extensions and Snooki stops looking like a man trying to fake being a woman. Without all that crap on her face and now that she lost so much of that heavy drinking and pizza combo weight she’s actually pretty.

Damn, that felt awkward as hell to type. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Wet Paint ran the side by side photo comparison shortly after Snooki tweeted the no-makeup photo of herself. Somebody please tell lesbian talk show host Ellen Degeneres, one of Snooki‘s biggest fans who has allegedly said in public and too her face that she is actually darling and that she thinks she looks gorgeous, that she’s right. Self-proclaimed Guidette Nicole Polizzi is actually pretty cute when not masquerading as a creature of the night.

They write:

We’ve already seen some of the Jersey Shore girls wearing little to no makeup, but our girl Snooki made quite the statement when posting this bare-faced photo to her Twitt.

Without makeup you see Snooki appears to have large eyes and clear skin. Her face does not look so bulb-ish or manly without the crafted cheekbones and enormous eyelashes that when she blinks typically look like they go down to her chin.

Now granted, she can’t do much about being 4’11″ (just slightly above the height of a dwarf or a midget — which classification it is I can’t remember), but she can battle the bulge that will undoubtedly settle in hard once she hits 30 or squeezes out a few kids with diet and exercise.

She can also give up that glamor doll look she routinely brandished like an unholy pseudo-Italian Catholic school girl’s weapon.

By embracing a natural beauty look and perhaps wising up and using only all-natural, organic, and animal cruelty free make up and green beauty products she could actually improve her own image as well as become a better role model for all the young girls and Jersey Shore inspired women. Yes, think more like singer Taylor Swift (who is using her star power wisely to go green while supporting high product sales on the lipstick index), Snooki — most guys don’t want to see you looking like a contestant on Ru Paul’s Drag Race when you get ready to hit the clubs, beach, or even the gym.

After all, looking like a drag queen when you get ready to go party at Karma or some other night club in New York City or on the Jersey Shore is no badge of honor. It actually ruins your reputation as an Italian, lil Snooki. Your dogma about needing to spend 2 hours or more each day getting dressed while doing your hair and makeup not only makes you un-dateable, it continues to litter your world with bad Karma. Besides, wouldn’t your time be better spent making charity benefit appearances rather than getting paid to be a night club freak show guest?

So for folks wondering why Snooki finally was brave enough to show her face without makeup, chances are it was the incredibly positive response Jersey Shore co-star Sammi Giancola got when she had a natural beauty make over.She was darling — nothing like some THING you would meet while partying on parade day at fire island.

[For the record, men in drag who look like women really do impress me (because I am LGBT friendly) but women who look like men in bad drag have always given me the creeps.]

Seeing how nice Snooki looks without makeup, it would be really interesting to see what would happen if all the girls on the MTV reality show looked if they had total girl next door makeovers. The one we here at GCN suspect would still look like a dirty little who – O’er would be Deena Cortese. While Deena may need to resort to being a professional mud wrestler, Snooki, Sammi, and JWoww might actually look hot in a photo shoot without their makeup. Not that the fantasy they really were wholesome as well as gorgeous would not be totally ruined when any one of them opened their mouths, but still… if they agreed to doing it, it would be a better day for them and all their fans and viewers who love reality TV but watch from the sidelines out here in the real world.


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Snooki from MTV reality TV show Jersey Shore without makeup looks pretty


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