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Leonardo DiCaprio happy at Critics Choice, bored at Golden Globe Awards?

January 16th, 2012 at 6:56 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the famous faces that hit the red carpet during awards season 2012. While he did not look very excited or happy to be at the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills on January 15th, he did look like he felt more comfortable at the Critics Choice Awards show that happened and aired in the days that preceded it. So why did Leo look so uncomfortable at the second red carpet event? Because he rarely (almost never) smiled, did not appear to be with a date, and did not seem to fit in with any one particular group of celebrity friends.

Leonardo DiCaprio happy at Critics Choice, bored at Golden Globe Awards? Famous actor and green celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio was on hand for the Critics Choice Awards on Thursday, broadcast on VH1, reported RTT News. He was also there for the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards in 2012 on Sunday January 15th. The noted environmentalist and humanitarian, DiCaprio won a Golden Globe award in the past for his performance in The Aviator (2004), though he is perhaps better known for his performances in The Titanic (1997) and Romeo and Juliet (1996). But it was at the Critics Choice Awards that he looked happier and more in his element — among those who recognized true professionalism and appreciated acting talent.

The somewhat aloof green celebrity was on hand at the Critics Choice awards to recognize director Martin Scorsese for his contributions to the world of cinema, reports the Gossip Girls. He was joined by singer and folk music songwriter Bob Dylan, and actress Olivia Harrison (widow of the former Beatles’ star George Harrison) to present the accolade. While many thought he looked like he felt somewhat out of place among a sea of humanitarian faces like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Angelina Jolie (who were obviously all good friends), he warmed on stage when talking about the director who has helped him elevate his movie career to epic acting standards so proficiently.

DiCaprio’s performance in Gangs of New York (2002) was the first of several collaborations with Martin Scorsese, including The Aviator, The Departed (2006), and Shutter Island (2010). The humanitarian celebrity was nominated for Best Actor for his role in J. Edgar, for which he had to put on considerable weight. Although he lost the award to George Clooney, he was looking slim and suave, having jettisoned some of the pounds.

As a humanitarian and environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio has brought his real life experiences of human emotion reacting to extreme emotions in characters he portrays so well in film. For instance, he interviewed 24 orphaned children in Mozambique for the filming of Blood Diamond (2006), about the impact of diamond mining in Africa and the wars caused by it. Additionally, DiCaprio has supported Cinema for Peace, the Gorilla Organization, and Stop Global Warming. All the causes have had other Hollywood supporters in the past, but few actors or actresses have committed to causes the way DiCaprio has.

As a humanitarian activist in his own right, the green celebrity has founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which works with several organizations, including National Geographic Kids, to combat global warming, help find and utilize renewable energy resources, and instruct fans and environmentalists on global biodiversity.

In 2007, he was a present at Live Earth in the United States, and he joined former Vice President Al Gore at the 2007 Oscars to talk about how the Oscar’s had adopted environmentally friendly practices in the process of producing and presenting the awards throughout.

A true green celebrity and humanitarian in every right, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best paid movie stars in history, and is well worth every penny, in this author’s humble opinion. Scorsese should be proud to have been honored by such a star celeb –even if he did appear to think both the lavish events were (perhaps) a bit too garish for his own comfort level.

But the Golden Globe Awards 2012 did not come off as an event that really was honoring the acting talents and stellar direction of star celebs like Leo and Scorscese. While both men attended the Golden Globes, the event there — one run by the Foreign Press Association — felt more like watching grown ups in cliques. It was the Hollywood crony-ism element that may have made DiCaprio look both bored and uncomfortable at the event. Not one to hang out and socialize a lot with friends, he appeared to keep to himself at the Hollywood event.

What do you think was the real reason behind him looking so aloof and bored? Share your thoughts and observations in the comments section below.


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Leonardo DiCaprio happy at Critics Choice, bored at Golden Globe Awards?


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