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Why was actor Brad Pitt kissing pal George Clooney out in public?

January 14th, 2012 at 1:32 am by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Brad Pitt lost the Best Actor award to humanitarian George Clooney but is keeping humanitarian Angelina Jolie? When the 2012 Critics Choice Award went to his best pal, Pitt mustered up a big smile, took a deep breath, and actually kissed gorgeous George on the cheek. The two famous actors known for their stellar work on the Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, and Ocean’s Thirteen movie series were going head to head as nominees. While Clooney looked every the bachelor despite bringing along his latest red carpet escort Stacy Keibler (a leggy blonde female professional wrestler), Pitt looks every bit the happy father and significant other of actress Angelina Jolie. Except, that is, when he and Clooney kiss.

Why was actor Brad Pitt kissing pal George Clooney out in public? In spite of rumors to the contrary that claimed Brangelina would never make it on to the red carpet together for yet another awards season, Angelina Jolie was at the side of star celeb Brad Pitt for the Critics’ Choice Awards 2012. Still with cane in hand helping him take the pressure off his wounded knee after a skiing accident in which he slipped while carrying then trying to protect his daughter Vivi, the star of Fight Club and Inglorious Basterds looked dapper and contemporary simultaneously.

Pitt was wearing a dark charcoal suit with a white shirt and thin black tie, noted starstruck reporters from Socialite Life. [Which is totally alright -- he really is a handsome guy.] His almost wifey Angelina Jolie was wearing a pin straight black leather pencil skirt and classic white blouse. Bottom line, when these two hit the red carpet — even though they seldom hire a professional dresser they always manage to look both elegant and stunning. By mixing elements of vintage clothing with modern accessories, they always manage to recycle old wardrobe pieces with hardly anyone noticing.

The star celeb and humanitarian Brad Pitt — still known for his boyish good looks even though he is almost 50 — recently was interviewed by W magazine. Still in his suit but looking a bit disheveled with sleeves rolled up and hair tossed, you would swear he looks younger than Angelina Jolie (and she is only in her 30s). Both are known for their charity work they have done together. Jolie, however, has always been the one in the lead. [She was first to adopt a child from a third world country and has worked for years as a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations.]

Arguably one of the sexiest men in Hollywood (in spite of the fact that he’s lost several sexiest man awards to George Clooney), he’s also an incredibly talented actor who has played a lot of roles that were surprisingly interesting.

He told W magazine that if he got the chance to do any of his previous roles over again, “Um… the first 12 years of my career, I would think,” reports the Daily Mail. Seriously? Life just would not be the same had he not appeared in the 1980s hit television series 21 Jump Street or been that hot stray guy that hooked up with Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise. [Who he bedded off camera as well as on if celeb gossip reports and interviews are to be believed.]

In previous interviews the humanitarian celebrity said he wants to make his children proud and that he feels a bit underwhelmed by some immature roles in his past. Not so in recent pictures, he’s said. He’s quite proud of Moneyball, which is up for awards, and which likely means we’ll see him again for a nomination at the Academy Awards.

Although, arguably, Brad Pitt should be more proud of his help with Make It Right, a charity to help support the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We’re betting that would make the kids really proud — to have his charity work attract more attention than his award-winning or nominated movies.

[Though mommy Angelina Jolie has already assured that the six kids are really proud of dad anyway -- even if he never won any awards or does get beat by Uncle George when it comes time to face the Academy.]

But before you get sad over such a good man not winning, realize that good men are not so hard to find in Hollywood these days. The prize went to a world-renowned green celebrity.

Pitt was bested by former Ocean’s Eleven co-star George Clooney, with whom Pitt co-founded Not On Our Watch along with other Ocean’s 11 co-stars. [Yes, they really put together an amazing crew for that film series who do outstanding humanitarian work both on camera and off.]

Clooney, who has been called one of the most generous humanitarian celebs in Hollywood, took home the Best Actor Award for The Descendents. However, the loss for Pitt was not without its own rewards. The pair of star celebs shared a little bromance moment out in public, celebrating the win with Pitt being able to give old Georgie boy a kiss without allegations the two were leaving their respective love interests for anything.

And the camera did not even pan to a jealous Angelina Jolie when he did it. Now, as for Stacy Keibler? Once suspects that if Brad Pitt really did put the moves on her man, she’d be the woman most likely to put the smack down on him for it.


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Why was actor Brad Pitt kissing pal George Clooney out in public?


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