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George Clooney film genre Comedy-Drama winning big awards in Hollywood

January 13th, 2012 at 10:30 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

George Clooney bested best friend Brad Pitt when he took home the Best Actor Award at the 2012 Critics Choice Awards in Hollywood. His film (called The Descendents) was more of a drama than a comedy in most people’s opinions — but the funny actor managed to pull off some humorous and unforgettable comedic moments while dealing with the difficult subject matter. It was his running in flip-flops scene that may have allowed him to beat Pitt at winning over critics. Pitt is slightly younger than Clooney — and his Moneyball movie simply did not win with them. Why? Probably because they figure he has a few more years in him to make equally good or better pics than Clooney’s notable flick.

George Clooney film genre Comedy Drama winning big awards in Hollywood Famous Hollywood actor George Clooney won the 2012 Critics Choice Award for Best Actor Thursday night for his performance as dad Matt King, a man simply trying to keep his family together while his cheating wife was in a coma. His movie The Descendants, according to the Toronto Sun, was billed as a ‘Comedy-Drama’ — a new film genre the actor seems to be successfully carving out in the movie industry despite the idea creating copious eye-rolling from critics initially.

The win came as a bit of a let-down for Clooney’s Ocean’s 11 co-star Brad Pitt, who was up for a Best Actor award for his performance in Moneyball. Alas. At least the two got to share a kiss.

As for his date Stacy Keibler, she looked about as interesting and excited standing with him as she would have been if everyone watched her staring into an aquarium full of fish.

Although co-hosts Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer referred to the awards as the “ninth most exciting night in Hollywood,” the awards that were broadcast on VH1 are a good predictor of who will be up for the Academy Awards and ultimately will take home an Oscar. So it’s very likely that humanitarian celeb George Clooney, responsible for the Not On Our Watch charity to help end global atrocities like those in Sudan and across the world, will take home an Oscar in 2012 as well.

Clooney shared his secret in the words of his grandfather, a former sharecropper, the Vancouver Sun reported. “If you’re not proud of what you’re doing, then do it better or do something else because you didn’t have to be a sharecropper,” the star celeb said.

And apparently Clooney chose to do something else, which seems to be working well for him. He’s already been identified as one of the most caring, humanitarian, and charitable celebrities in Hollywood. In addition to winning the Best Actor award for Critics Choice, George Clooney will be on hand as one of the presenters for the more prestigious Golden Globe Awards for 2012, said the Hollywood Reporter.

Not only has George Clooney visited Sudan personally and spoken with victims of rape and torture, his charity has given millions to victims in the area, through the UN’s World Food Programme, which Clooney also supports. Now that’s something we feel sure grandpa would be proud of, and Mr. Sexy should be proud of too.

Congrats on your win, George Clooney! However, the movie that really cleaned up at the awards ceremony was The Help, a social expose film that shared the story of African-American ‘women of color’ [real American ladies] before the success of the civil rights movement.


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George Clooney film genre Comedy Drama winning big awards in Hollywood


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