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Royal Caribbean cruise line treating Kate Gosselin like a Queen, why?

January 12th, 2012 at 8:48 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Planning your dream vacation for a honeymoon or anniversary? Thinking about having more children? Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has just the right celebrity theme cruise to convince you that bringing more babies into an already crowded and overpopulated world is the wrong thing to do. They just started selling tickets to a luxury trip where guests on their cruise line can travel with former reality television star Kate Gosselin, her coupons, and one or all of her 8 little kids.

Royal Caribbean cruise line treating Kate Gosselin like a Queen, why?  In the latest chapter of Kate Gosselin and her obsession with herself she has managed to get herself signed on to a pretty cushy new business deal.

The former reality television star of Kate Plus 8 turned coupon blogger has decided her fans would just love to go on a cruise with her. To that end, Kate will be hosting a Royal Caribbean cruise leaving Fort Lauderdale, FL, on August 12, reports USA Today.

Yes, you heard that right. She’s going to be the main feature of a celebrity cruise. And she’s not even doing this so she can give the proceeds to charity. It’s just for the money, money, money… some think. Resist the urge to rent the film Titanic and to cross your fingers and toes hopefully there could be a reality TV show starring Kate Gosselin’s brood sinking in something other than ratings.

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The celebrity mom turned coupon blogger will be on hand for a so-called private welcome cocktail party, private dinner and brunch, book signing, Q&A session, and a craft lesson. And Kate will have for each guest a personalized gift. Really? Just how personal and private can being on a ship with thousands of other people and a screeching, demanding star celeb be? Not very.

“The cheapest cabin room, which spans 179 square feet, costs $1,900 for two people. The most expensive accommodations for a couple consist of a 287 square foot junior suite and costs $3,175…” reports On The Red Carpet. That’s a lot of money for birth control incentive, really.

There is not even going to be a coupon discount for the trip offered by the celeb on her blog. Apparently, she and Royal Caribbean cruise line want ALL your money. It’s their small way of going green.

But that’s not the best [worst] part. You might be hoping that the cruise is part of an event to raise money for charity. Not quite. While there is an “optional” charity dinner with Kate during the cruise, there is no word on what the charity is. This leaves many imagining the charity case is Kate herself. After all, how can she afford another gaudy, wasteful Christmas unless someone gives her money to do effectively nothing? It’s unlikely that coupons will cover that kind of cost.

So, does anyone really want to sign up for such a cruise? Apparently so, in spite of criticisms, according to the Washington Post. According to the president of Luxury Cruises and Tours, the phone lines have been blowing up since Kate first tweeted about the cruise. Supposedly the response to cruise with Kate Gosselin has been considerably higher than for that of other celebrity cruise offers.

“As soon as Kate tweeted [information about the cruise] on Friday afternoon, our phones lit up with inquiries,” Failla says. “It took off.”

However, The Hollywood Gossip has a very different take, calling the cruise with the former reality television star comparable to a week in Pyonyang, North Korea. Fred Morris, on Google+, commented on a post from the Kate Gosselin website, that he’d rather spend a week with the Duggars. Personally, we suspect most real fans of more charitable celebs would rather spend the week with Sarah Palin in Alaska filming her moose hunting.


Because Kate Gosselin is [insert adjective here]. Just don’t fill in the blank with queen of green, eco-friendly, or charitable when talking about the celebrity.

Would you be interested in spending a week with Kate Gosselin on a $1,900 to $3,200 cruise? Love her or hate her, can you think of anything better or worse than traveling with the reality TV celebrity and her family?


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Royal Caribbean cruise line treating Kate Gosselin like a Queen, why?


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