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Halle Berry (over 40) wants to adopt children with new fiance?

January 12th, 2012 at 2:26 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Hollywood actors and actresses might play strong, invincible characters in the movies and on TV, but in real life, they face enormous struggles like the rest of humanity. Actress Halle Berry, twice divorced already, is one such person. She has officially confirmed that she and a French actor named Olivier Martizez are getting married. While they both want to have children, it is unlikely she will be able to carry a baby to term due to her age and diabetes. So, the 45-year-old former Catwoman is allegedly planning on adopting. Here’s the story…

Halle Berry (over 40) wants to adopt children with new fiance? Actress Halle Berry is engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez, reported Us Weekly. The star celeb humanitarian will be marrying for the third time. She had reportedly given up on marriage, but finds that she trusts Martinez, according to an insider who spoke with the mag. “He makes her feel safe. He’s a keeper!

The X-Men and Catwoman star celeb had expressed some concern about marriage as well as having children. At age 45, she was concerned that she might not be able to have children. Complicating matters is the fact that she has diabetes, a cause to which she has donated over the years. She is the first celebrity ambassador to the Diabetes Aware campaign.

But the famous actress is committed to having children if at all possible, and she wants to have them with Olivier Martinez, who dated Kylie Minogue from 2004 to 2007, said Fox News. And if she can’t have another child of her own, she wants to adopt. As one of the recipients of the Mothers Who Make a Difference award in 2009, from the Love Our Children USA charity, we can’t really think of a better woman (or famous celebrity) to adopt.

“Halle would love to have more kids, but she knows it might be difficult because of her age and the fact that she’s diabetic,” a source said. “If they can’t conceive, they’d definitely consider adoption.”

Although she has accepted Martinez’ proposal, as late as April of 2011, Halle Berry had said she didn’t want to get married again. After her divorce from baseball star, she had attempted suicide, reported ABC.

“I wish I had known then that I was not the marrying kind,” she said. “It would have saved me a lot of time, heartache and grief over the years.” She added, “I have done it twice and I am not going to do it again. The traditional form of marriage is not for me.”

But, strong woman that she is, she has moved onward and upward. And clearly she has plenty to keep fighting for, not the least of which is daughter Nahla, now 3. She has been dating Martinez since the fall of 2010, and recently has been spotted with a ring as sparkling as her personality: emerald and diamond from Gurhan.

We certainly hope the third time is the charm for the Monster Ball star. And whether or not she is able to have a baby with Martinez, we hope she’ll still consider adopting, because any child would be world’s better off for having a loving, humanitarian celebrity like Halle Berry as a mom.

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Halle Berry (over 40) wants to adopt children with new fiance?


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