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Rapper Eminem beat by a girl (Nicki Minaj more popular on Twitter)

January 11th, 2012 at 5:42 am by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Eminem just got beat by a girl? Rapper Eminem has always had a huge following on Twitter, but a new rap singer name Nicki Minaj has finally overtaken him for the top hip hop artist when it comes to followers. The female rap singer has been a rising star in both the pop music and hip hop categories of music genres. Known for her wild looks and funky fashion, she is the African-American equivalent of Lady Gaga. She’s also a charitable celebrity who, like Marshall Mathers, is known for being quite the humanitarian.

Rapper Eminem beat by a girl (Nicki Minaj more popular on Twitter) Smart, talented, and not afraid to work it, rap music singer Nicki Minaj was actually one of the most interesting stars to see shine in 2011. Now that it is 2012, hearing she has overtaken the motor city madman (who recently bashed Lady Gaga for her ambiguous gender and teen scene celebrity Justin Bieber) is no surprise. Why? Because so many men and (believe it or not) women like her.

Not only does she have a dynamic voice and knock out figure that puts reality television star Kim Kardashian‘s booty to shame, she’s and active charity benefit supporter. Using her natural assets to raise money and awareness for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, she is helping to save the tatas — something all guys and smart girls can appreciate.

Perez Hilton shared the news about darling Nicki Minaj stealing some of Eminem’s Motor City Madman thunder away. The celebrity gossip blogger reports:

Roman/Barbie/Nicki Minaj became the most followed hip hop artist on Twitter.

She edged out Eminem‘s total of 8,160,476 with 8,175,598 tweeps on January 4th.

Each gained 100,000 followers as of Monday, January 8th.

Sharing more good news and gossip about the so-far friendly pair, he shared, “Coincidentally, Nicki and Eminem have a song on the album, Roman’s Revenge. Can Eminem get his own revenge and claim his spot back? Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded drops this Valentine’s Day.”

If you have never had a chance to hear Nicki Minaj speak, don’t be too quick to judge a book by her cover. She is even good girlfriends with country music singer Taylor Swift.

Ladies, if you don’t believe me try to catch an episode of Fashion Police with Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne one day. You will quickly realize that while the rapper is not too fond of people like Lil Kim (a rival known for her less than stellar outfits or behavior), she is actually quite sharp-witted and astute about other women and makes keen observations about what emotions motivate them to select particular fashion.

The most surprising part about Nicki Minaj is she is not at all afraid to pay another girl a compliment. Since her strange wardrobe choices are always so outlandish, one would think she is trying to set herself apart from the crowd by being aloof. Actually, she is warm, genuine, friendly, and absolutely the opposite.

Guys will watch her because her celebrity boobs occasionally fly out of her outfits and because her tiny waist makes the junk in her trunk look epic, but girls — you should really look beyond all the flashy dance and crazy clothes that are so in your face. She really is working it — but doing so in some strange way with (for lack of a better phrase) good taste.

Maybe that is why Perez Hilton — a man who often has a mean streak about him with his style and fashion comments — likes her. Because when push comes to shove and the wigs are off, she seems nothing but genuine, hard-working, and honest.

Now, as for Eminem, although he is a controversial celebrity who often uses unkind remarks to start celebrity arguments [like he used to do with Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon], he is still (in this writers humble opinion) one of the most talented rappers in the music business. Because Eminem writes lyrics that seem to come from his heart and tracks them in to beats that are wicked, his music has a broad ranging appeal. Whether you are an inner city kid from Detroit or trapped living a monotonous life in the ‘burbs, you can always find a line or two in his songs that you can clearly understand and empathize with; to that end, Marshall Mathers is often highly underrated.

And, while Eminem does not always agree with our star celebs favorite picks for green celebrities and famous humanitarians, he does use his star power wisely — mainly to help other kids who are growing up in the tough way he did. Eminem volunteers time and money to help sponsor (an international children’s charity), has launched his own national charity called the Marshall Mathers Foundation, and also funds the Eight Mile Boulevard Association [to help residents of Detroit].

Ever since he made Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP back in the day, we’ve been fans here at Green Celebrity Network, and applaud him for all the kids and parents he has been able to help thanks to his charity work and what many have called divine grace.


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Rapper Eminem beat by a girl (Nicki Minaj more popular on Twitter)


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