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Celebrity Mariah Carey says Nick Cannon kidney failure problem is cured?

January 10th, 2012 at 6:49 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Celebrity health and fitness issues talked about on the internet usually relate to weight loss, someone getting fat, starlets having babies, or people getting fat. The rumor mills report the first week of January in 2012 talked about a far more serious issue: acute kidney failure, a problem that affects many African-Americans for some reason. Concerned wife Mariah Carey says her husband Nick Cannon suffered kidney failure, a problem for which he was hospitalized and operated on, but now his problem is cured? Here’s the update about their medical crisis fresh from the singer…

Celebrity Mariah Carey says Nick Cannon kidney failure problem is cured? Celebrity Mariah Carey took to Twitter to update fans and supporters on the condition of hubby Nick Cannon, who last week was hospitalized in Aspen, CO, after suffering from acute kidney failure. The couple was vacationing for Christmas with their 8-month-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, when Cannon was hospitalized with the scary medical crisis. He later transferred to a hospital in L.A., where he had surgery. Word is the show host has now been released.

The America’s Got Talent host is said to be in fair condition, and Mariah had hoped that he’d be out of the hospital this week, following surgery on Friday. She got her wish and fortunately the star celebs have enough money for Canon to spend his time home recovering. The couple owns several luxury homes and all are rumored to be kept very clean and sanitary thanks to their private staff and housekeepers who tend to their daily needs, household chores, and cleaning.

The star celebs didn’t offer many intimate details about the surgery, but doctors have said that his kidney failure could have been caused by “dehydration, diabetes, infection, trauma and kidney stones,” reported Celebrity Cafe.

“Nick is in stable condition with a good prognosis, hopefully he’ll be discharged within 2 days,” [Mariah Carey] wrote.

Mariah Carey has been by the side of her star celeb hubby since the actor, rapper, and comedian fell ill in Aspen. She even refused to leave his room when asked to by hospital staff, insisting on staying by his side. And she has been updating friends, fans, and family over Twitter regularly since the sudden onset. He’s also done his best to share tweets.

Both star celebs seem very much in love and are seemingly devoted to one another. While Cannon took a lot of flack early in the relationship from people like rapper Eminem for dating his wife, even though he does not have as much money as she does he’s actually turned out to be very sweet.

[He also pretty much told Eminem to suck it, but that's a whole other story that (for now) seems like ancient history.]

A physician writing for Fox News has noted that acute kidney failure can be caused by a variety of conditions and sufferers develop a variety of symptoms, including pain, swelling, exhaustion, and more, often masking the true cause until the patient is admitted to a hospital. No definite cause for Cannon’s kidney failure has been released, but it can be deadly if not treated quickly. Also, if the kidney is damaged too severely, the condition can become a chronic one. But there is no such thing as “mild” kidney failure as was reported last week, says the doctor.

Whether the condition could have been prevented or not, we’re happy that the and Alzheimer’s Association (thank God he’s not developing that!) supporter will be sticking around for a long time to come, to be a loving father to his twins and a devoted husband to Mariah Carey.

The Chicago Tribune was just one of the media outlets following the celebrity couple’s ongoing medical story. They say, “Carey has been keeping fans updated on Twitter. On Monday she posted that “Nick is getting better + we love+appreciated all the ongoing kind words!”

After the surgery, a brave Nick Cannon [who underwent kidney surgery while he was awake (not sedated)] tweeted out a message that he was alive to his fans. He wrote: “Just left the operating table and I was awake during the whole procedure. # OUCH.”

All the best to this celebrity couple from GCN. Recovering at home with the aid of concierge doctors and nursing staff is a smart decision for the celeb — as staff infections and other diseases are present in hospitals. Being around unfamiliar bacteria is also rough on a patient whose system is already week. So, resting up while taking things easy at home should have the America’s Got Talent host back on stage and playing with his new twins expediently.


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Celebrity Mariah Carey says Nick Cannon kidney failure problem is cured?


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