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Justin Bieber confessed Selena Gomez secrets to Ellen Degeneres?

January 8th, 2012 at 9:15 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Justin Bieber confessed a big secret about his usual weekend plans with Selena Gomez, but what is it? The teen scene celebrity did not talk about hitting up red carpet events for charity or the time the two lovebirds spend volunteering. He failed to mention that the two visit animal shelters and pet the puppies and kitties who are homeless and waiting for the right family to adopt them. Instead, he said they spend their weekends (most of the time) kissing!

Justin Bieber confessed Selena Gomez secrets to Ellen Degeneres? Singer Justin Bieber is an amazing young celebrity who tries to use his star power wisely to help other kids. In a video clip segment taped to air during an episode of the daytime talk show Ellen with host Ellen Degeneres, Bieber showed up at Whitney Elementary School in Las Vegas for a special holiday visit with the kids there. Whitney is practically home to the disadvantaged children who go to school there.

Ellen DeGeneres (another of Hollywood’s favorite humanitarians, pet friendly celebrity, and GLBT rights activist) had been helping out financially and as a volunteer at the school for some time. When Justin Bieber saw how she was using her show to help out disadvantaged youth, the pop music singer offered to help her help them as well. Their joint venture charity work was reported favorably in OK! Magazine.

As a famous humanitarian who was recently voted the second most charitable celebrity of the year, Bieber spent the last part of 2011 doing good deeds. For instance, he explained to Ellen fans that he recently presented the school for disadvantaged children with a check for $100,000. His admission earned almost as many live studio audience gasps and cheers as when he appeared, but that was not all he said he did.

Principal Sherrie Gahn helps these children find a home and get settled before helping them with clothes and food. The kids, many of whom don’t want to leave school to go home over the holidays (because there usually was no Santa because they live in extreme poverty), received another $100,000 worth of toys for Christmas from him.

Playing Santa’s helper, generous Justin Bieber was on hand to distribute them all personally, autographing notebooks and t-shirts to his young fans in the process. He’s like one of Santa’s elves with his own hair stylist and entourage posse that travels with him taking pics!

In addition, he made a Christmas album and has been donating most of the proceeds to various food bank charities. There’s also a lot of money coming in from the holiday sales of his perfume Someday — a ladies fragrance marketed to teen girls. He’d already been donating money from that project all throughout the 2011 year.

Among the most touching moments in the tear-jerking episode (yep, even the star celeb himself shed some tears, turning shyly from the camera when he did) was at one point when they stopped talking about charity benefit work and starting talking about the singer’s personal life.Then, the mood on the show got happy rather than being a tone that was… sappy.

The Biebs settled in for a question and answer session with the live studio audience. What were people allowed to ask? Pretty much anything they wanted to really. His only job was to answer off the cuff pretty quickly — as cameras were rolling and before the inevitable commercial breaks had to keep coming!

One little girl wanted to know what Bieber and green celebrity girlfriend Selena Gomez did over the weekend, reported The Hollywood Gossip (video). Ellen put him on the spot, and he answered the question — probably as honestly as he could on the daytime talk show while knowing most of the people likely to be watching his celebrity interview were other tweens, pre-teen, and teenage kids.

Pausing for a brief moment of reflection, the Biebs finally said, “What do me and Selena do on the weekends? We go to the movies,” eventually adding with a whisper and a grin, “… and we kiss.”

The PDA remark earned the pop star singer’s revelation (unsurprising as it was) a few “eww”s but a lot of cheers as well. Then he quickly added, “No, we don’t do that,” presumably dodging suspicion that the star celeb couple might be more intimate than just some teenage heavy petting most boyfriends and girlfriends do while out in public dating.

Justin Bieber is also well known for giving to charities like Pencils of Promise and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, but he also likes finding small pet projects like Whitney to support.

Many adults are surprised to learn was quite poor himself as a (much younger) child. For many years, Justin had to visit food banks with his single mom so they could survive. He also got lots of financial help and physical support from his grandparents, so the famous celebrity pop rocker is familiar with what it means to miss out on a lot of family traditions more affluent kids are lucky enough to remember celebrating with their parents over the holidays.

But the Biebs is not just thinking about tinsel and toys when he’s doing good deeds.

In fact, just a little less than a year ago, Bieber started his own campaign on MyCharity: Water to raise over $47,000 for clean water for developing nations, in lieu of getting presents for his 17th birthday. He also is a celebrity spokesperson for Peta — a charity organization that works tirelessly for animal rights. To that end, he helps out pets, animals in general, and humans.

Nothing but love from GCN to this outstanding young man for his work as a famous humanitarian and green celebrity! Big fat smooches all around to the Biebs, his darling Disney Princess Selena Gomez, and Ellen Degeneres for being delightful star celebs. Cheers to a prosperous and happy new year!


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Justin Bieber confessed Selena Gomez secrets to Ellen Degeneres?


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