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Sinead O’Connor making wacky tobaccy decisions about love and marriage?

January 6th, 2012 at 11:36 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Here’s a not so funny story about a pop music star who really needs to stop smoking too much weed. Sinead O’Connor, the Irish pop music singer known for shaving her head bald long before it was a bad decision for Britney Spears, made big headlines in 2011 for getting married and even bigger celebrity scandal bylines in the tabloid press for announcing she was planning to divorce her husband essentially after two weeks.

Sinead OConnor making wacky tobaccy decisions about love and marriage? Celebrity stoner and Irish singer Sinead O’Connor got married on her birthday in the back seat of a pink Cadillac at the most famous drive-through wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada [United States] to a man she had only been dating a few weeks. Going public with huge press announcements about the nuptials, her face from the 90s was plastered in all the entertainment news magazine.

Then, we saw the pics of the Irish lass with her head shaved bald, huge tattoos covering the tops of her arms and chest, and a very feminine pink strapless evening gown. By her side was her new love, with a ridiculous grin that seemed to indicate he was so star struck with her presence that he had no other choice but to run with it and marry her at a quickie wedding ceremony while the lovebirds were in Vegas.

That’s when the trouble started. If you have not been following the story, here’s the skinny.

It seems to take hemp advocate Sinead O’Connor about two weeks to make up her mind. And it takes her about two weeks to change it again. Much faster than Kim Kardashian, who divorced Kris Humphries after a whopping 72 days by comparison, but apparently not so quick to stick to her decisions. The famous singer and Irishwoman married Barry Herridge on December 8.

Then, just a little over two weeks later, on Christmas Eve, the newlywed rocker announced her plans to divorce him because he was worried about her drug dependencies. He’s a drug counselor and having a junkie for a wife apparently did not sit well with his patients or family. While on their honeymoon, she allegedly took him on a modern day version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride through the cracktown sections of Las Vegas hoping to score weed.

When he figured out his wife was far more into the drug scene he suspected and that her actions would undoubtedly reflect poorly on himself, his therapy practice, and ultimately hurt his family he apparently confronted her — and she flipped. Comparing her marriage to life in a coffin, she said she was divorcing him (making him look like the jerk in all of it).

Now, a little less than two weeks after announcing the impending divorce, Perez Hilton notes that the little birdie Sinead O’Connor has been chirping on Twitter, saying that the couple will not be getting divorced after all and, in fact, had a rather steamy night together. The star celeb has said she and her hubby will remain boyfriend and girlfriend, still admitting that they had rushed into the marriage in the first place, and made a few other mistakes besides.

Like getting these little gems of free publicity, maybe?

From the Huffington Post:

The Irish singer insisted on securing marijuana on the night of the couple’s wedding on December 8th, but became frantic when none was found and eventually turned off the 38-year-old Herridge, who works as a drugs counselor. The two ended up in a cab somewhere “quite dangerous” and were “handed a load of crack.”

That turned out to be a bone of contention for Herridge, one that caused the celebrity couple to squabble about her lifestyle decisions and the future of their marriage.

Ya think?

And because some folks on Herridge’s side seemed to think less than nice things about the Irish star celeb rocker, Sinead O’Connor decided to call it quits for his reputation’s sake. Well, did.

Rumor mill gossip suggested claiming she was getting a divorce so soon after marriage might have just been another publicity stunt to get attention, but it seems more likely she is either not thinking straight because she is too high or is just plain crazy. To us, it just sounds like she is making bad decisions about love and marriage based on her supply of wacky tobaccy.

Now, defending herself, she’s claiming to be sincere about wanting to be with Herridge (and continuing to have steamy sex) but does not plan to be a full time part of his life for at least another year. She says they are not splitting up — but she’s not moving in with him.

Us Weekly reported:

“Spent a beautiful evening of love making with none other than my husband,” the Irish singer wrote.

“We decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend again and stay married, but we did rush [into tying the knot].”

O’Connor predicts they will be “sickeningly happy” together and plans to meet with a marriage counselor.

She also hopes to move in with Herridge, 38, “in like a year, like regular people.”

Do the remarks leave you feeling dazed and confused? Us, too.

Maybe the famous celebrity artist and philanthropist, known as one of the faces of the fall of the Berlin Wall in the 1990s, and a big supporter of AIDS research, finally decided that she could have a successful marriage that will not interfere with her busy charity support schedule, like working with her Action Aid … as long as she takes her drug use down a notch.

For one thing, she really should not be cruising for a crack score with her drug counselor hubby in tow. If she has to find weed, then move to a state in the US where it is legal and get a medical prescription for it, for the love of god please.

If that’s a New Year’s Resolution — to chill on the drug use and only buy legal weed so you don’t piss off your new hubby and his family — then, it seems like a good one. We wish the couple well in the New Year, and we hope to see them happily married (maybe until next Christmas at least).

What do you think? Is she too high or just plain crazy? Let other readers know what you think.


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Sinead OConnor making wacky tobaccy decisions about love and marriage?


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