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Mariah Carey asking friends and family to pray for health of Nick Cannon

January 6th, 2012 at 5:33 am by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon, husband of Mariah Carey and father of their new baby twins, spent the first week of 2012 in the hospital recovering from mild kidney failure. His wife has been using her star power wisely to ask fans and friends to keep his health and her family in their daily prayers. The star celebs have helped out a wide variety of good causes over the years. Let’s hope that karma works — and a helping hand from their higher power will help lift the family up.

Mariah Carey asking friends and family to pray for health of Nick Cannon Grammy winning singer Mariah Carey needs help from fans and Christians who pride themselves on including people in their daily prayers. Her husband, Nick Cannon, fell ill with mild kidney failure right after New Years Day 2012. Since then, she’s been on Twitter and her personal website asking fans to keep her hubby Nick and the rest of their celebrity family in their thoughts and prayers. The enigmatic and generally cheerful actor, host of America’s Got Talent, and occasional rapper is recovering but still in a lot of pain, Mariah Carey told People in one of her first celebrity interviews of the year.

Regarding what actually happened to Nick that caused his kidneys to fail, The Washington Post reveals:

Cannon remained tightlipped on what provoked the hospitalization. But chronic kidney disease is higher among African Americans with diabetes and high blood pressure are the first and second leading causes of kidney failure, according to the National Kidney Foundation.

Kidney disease occurs, according the National Institutes of Health, when the kidneys can’t properly remove waste and extra water from the blood. African Americans are affected by kidney disease at rates up to four times higher than in European Americans.

Mariah Carey posted a picture of the star celeb couple cuddling in the hospital together, available on Access Hollywood, and altogether seemed to be in pretty good spirits, even quipping, “We’re doing OK but we’re “straaaaaanded in Aspen”. #DramaticDivaPlace.”

The Precious actress further shared:

“(I know, we could be in a lot worse places) but the truth is as long as we’re together, we’re OK. I’m not trying to make light out of the situation because it’s a serious moment that’s very tough on all of us so please keep us and our family in your prayers. LYM.”

Of course the famous singer is well aware that she’s pretty lucky to be able to afford such top notch treatment for her husband, as many Americans are without the funds or health insurance that would allow them [or loved ones], to have access to medical treatment.

Because she has done so well financially and knows her life is blessed, she’s been a longtime supporter of charities that work for humanitarian ends. She has supported multiple AIDS organizations including the Elton John AIDS Foundation and American Foundation for AIDS Research. She also supports Kids Wish Network and Stand Up to Cancer.

Husband Nick Cannon likewise supports the Alzheimer’s Association among other charitable causes. He also makes special guest appearances hanging on the new celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig diet’s arm, happy to be along for the ride.

After sharing one of the earliest news reports about the hospitalization, ET Online later updated that he had been moved from the ski resort hospital in Aspen, Colorado to Los Angeles, California. There, they say, Nick Cannon continues to recover.

“Currently being transferred to a hospital in LA. Thank you all for all your love, prayers and concern. You know me… I will be a’ight,” the star celeb rapper wrote on Twitter. Hopefully that is true — if only for his lady.

It’s cute to see Mariah seemingly doting over and nursing her hubby back to health. That’s the spirit of the famous humanitarian: always giving back. Carey in fact received the Congressional Horizon Award for her humanitarian work and the work she does to help disadvantaged children.

If anyone deserves some positive energy sent their way with prayers and well wishes, it is Mariah and Nick and their family right now.

While she used to make big headlines over her fight with Eminem, the celebrity couple made much bigger news with the birth of son Roc and daughter Roe, the famous fraternal twins. Let’s hope the biggest news about the dynamic duo in 2012 won’t be about his kidneys or a failing health issue.

Get well soon!


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Mariah Carey asking friends and family to pray for health of Nick Cannon


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