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Cruel Intentions: Reese Witherspoon hiding tummy tattoo from fans?

January 6th, 2012 at 12:11 am by Jason Grant Leave a reply »

Actress Reese Witherspoon was spotted hanging out on a Hawaiian beach with her son over the holidays, but she failed to bless her adoring public and the watching paparazzi with any celebrity oops moment from playing in the surf boogey boarding. She covered up her hot physique and new tummy tattoo with a one piece black bathing suit. Was she hiding something like scars from a botched liposuction procedure, a less than fit tummy, or was the Oscar-winning actress simply embarrassed to have such a big belly tatt?

Cruel Intentions: Reese Witherspoon hiding tummy tattoo from fans? Cruel Intentions actress Reese Witherspoon hit the beach in Hawaii with her 7-year-old son, Deacon, on Monday, reported Us Weekly. [She's mother to 12-year-old Ava as well.] But of all the things to wear for this hot mom of 35, the star celeb chose a giant one piece swimsuit that covered up her big belly tattoo. Isn’t that a bit like wearing granny panties or a girdle on a hot, romantic date?

She and her son enjoyed a day of sun and fun boogie boarding on the beach, but the cover-up that kept the paparazzi from taking photos of the MTV Generation award winner’s hot body and celebrity tattoo has some wondering why. The big black swimsuit she wore made the health and fitness fanatic actually look a bit fat!

Last summer, the all-American sweetheart sported a sexy bikini, in which the stars tattoo showed prominently above her left hip while vacationing in Malibu, noted the Huffington Post. It was quite a shocker at the time to see Reese Witherspoon inked up. The Oscar winning Walk the Line actress is generally known as a pretty straight-laced girl.

This leaves a lot of people wondering what she’s hiding, if anything — like some scars from a botched liposuction surgery or something.

Naturally, rumor mills reports about celebrity health and fitness or style being what they are, one has to wonder if she’s ashamed of the tattoo, trying to hide a baby bump, or something else entirely. When the star celeb first showed off the ink, she was newly married to hubby Jim Toth, and a source said the stars were symbolic of her new relationship. Could she just being trying to protect her reverse tramp stamp from becoming a new look that’s trendy?

Us Weekly reported last September:

“She had wanted to do something new and different for a while,” the source continues of the stamp. “In some ways, [the star tattoos] kind of symbolized their new life and love together. People consider Reese to be such an All-American sweetheart so it is more unexpected for her to have ink.”

The green celebrity and Legally Blonde star, who donated proceeds from a Barbie inspired by the sequel to Children’s Defense Fund, had the star a few years prior to adding the birds last summer. It’s highly unlikely that the famous actress is pregnant, but still. Why hide it? She looks so great for a mom of two! Break out that bikini, girl! And how does she stay in bikini shape, the mag asks? Well, she does a lot of running. Maybe she’s just waiting to slim down from all the holiday gorging.

In addition to her work for the Children’s Defense Fund, the Oscar-winning actress and children’s advocate also has given toys to the Toy Mountain Campaign and donated to programs like Refuge and The Lunchbox Fund, which help children and families in need.

So, in her defense, we have to say the star celeb looks absolutely great for her age and we respect her right to privacy when it comes to showing off the tattoo on her tummy. As for the grande size swimsuit choice that boggled most men’s minds who actually like to peep at Hollywood starlets wearing bikinis, my girlfriend had this to say… she thought Reese Witherspoon was just trying to avoid an embarrassing celebrity oops moment.

“Chances are either she was trying to avoid getting a sunburn on the tattoo that could cause the fresh ink to fade or she was just trying to wear a bathing suit that wouldn’t fall off while she was boogey boarding.”

It’s got to be either that or the knock on the head she got when she was hit by a car while jogging in Beverly Hills quite a few weeks back altered her otherwise keen fashion sense.


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Cruel Intentions: Reese Witherspoon hiding tummy tattoo from fans?


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